One of the best parts about spring and summer?  It’s being able to send the kids outside for all their messy play! We love art projects as much as the next mom or dad, but wouldn’t it be awesome if the clean up could be just a little bit easier?  It can be with this inflatable, outdoor, 4-foot tall easel! The perfect addition to your backyard, this easel inflates with a regular air pump, then water is added to stabilize the base and prevent it from taking flight in the wind.  Once assembled, this easel is 50 inches tall with a large white space in the center to act as your child’s canvas. Each easel comes with several sponge paint brushes and four paint colors to begin creating.  There’s even a built-in tray on the easel to hold all the art supplies, and includes spots where you can mix the paint right in the easel. Clean up is a breeze too, just hose down the white canvas area with a garden hose and you’ll have room for masterpiece after masterpiece, with no surprise messes in your house. The inflatable easel can be purchased in two colors, purple and green or blue and aqua, on Amazon for $49.98 and will be sure to provide hours of fun outdoor creativity. If your kids love outdoor art time, check out this Fizzing Sidewalk Paint recipe too.   Target also has an inflatable Easel!

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