25 Lively Outdoor Activities For Boys

We have collected 25 of the most lively outdoor activities for boys from all over the internet. From a DIY backyard obstacle course to squirt gun painting, we have activities and ideas for children of all ages. Grab your boys and your list of fun things, and let’s get to playing some fun games.

Image shows circular photos of little boys playing outdoor games with a background of blue sky, green grass, and a tree with green leaves from Kids Activities Blog.
It’s so much fun to play outside!

There is so much fun to be had with outside activities! Outdoor adventures are more fun with squirt guns, rock climbing, giant bubbles, ultimate frisbee, and of course- the boys! 

FAVORITE outdoor Activities for boys

Simple outdoor activities for summer break are more fun with friends. Once they decide on their outdoor activity ideas they can gather their backyard games.

Boys and fun outdoor activities just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these easy outdoor activities are so perfect. They will encourage hours of fun through physical activity for kids who don’t get much outdoor play time. Most little boy outdoor games are cut and dry but these games provide the perfect opportunity to have a fun outdoor adventure!

If these outdoor activities for boys look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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Image shows a boy holding his artwork of green colored mud from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s paint with mud!

1. Mud Painting

Boy and kids of all ages will enjoy their day of Mud Painting.

Image shows a bicycle being ridden on a sidewalk from Kids Activities Blog.
Bicycling is so much fun!

2. Bicycle Games

Enjoy a bike ride with a little water balloon toss from these Bicycle Games.

Image shows a little boy using a water gun to spray paint on a canvas outside from Messy Little Monster.
Let’s make a masterpiece!

3. Water Pistol Painting

There are so many ways kids can have fun outside with squirt gun painting from Messy Little Monster.

Image shows a black sign that reads Harry's MUD Kitchen with a crate of kitchen spoons and supplies like bowls from Messy Little Monster.
This mud kitchen sounds like great fun!

4. Mud Kitchen

Messy Little Monster has a great way to enjoy mud in your own backyard.

Image shows a little boy in an orange shirt blowing bubbles into a bottle covered in a black sock with stripes of green, blue, and red from Messy Little Monster.
Let’s make bubble snakes!

5. Bubble Snake Blower

Messy Little Monster has fun games the whole family will love!

Image shows a little boy holding a brown dried fern leaf on brown construction paper from Fireflies And Mud Pies.
Nature art is the best!

6. Learning Colors Through Nature

Take a family hike to explore nature’s different colors and make these ideas from Fireflies And Mud Pies.

Image shows a young boy holding a bubble in his hand from Fireflies And Mud Pies.
Kids love to blow bubbles!

7. Play With Bubbles

The best way to have outdoor fun is with bubbles from Fireflies And Mud Pies.

Image shows a sheet of paper with pictures of many bugs from Messy Little Monster.
Let’s go on a bug hunt!

8. Bug Scavenger Hunt

Grab your magnifying glass, your free printable, and join Messy Little Monster on a bug hunt!

Image shows a beaded pipe cleaner with a loop at the end to make a wand from Messy Little Monster.
Bubbles are so much fun!

9. Homemade Bubble Wands

Blow bubbles for hours of outdoor fun from Messy Little Monster.

Image shows a little boy spraying blue chalk paint on a black wall from Paging Fun Mums.
Chalk painting is a blast!

10. Homemade Fizzy Chalk Paint

Use sidewalk chalk to make this fizzy chalk paint from Paging Fun Mums and bring your paintings to life.

Image is a collage of two pictures the top being of three parking cones on a deck in green, red, and blue and the bottom being a young boy lying on his stomach shooting a blue water gun from No Time For Flashcards.
This outdoor game looks really exciting!

11. Shoot & Splash

Enjoy some water play with this game from No Time For Flashcards.

Image shows a gooey glob of tan colored sand slime from Paging Fun Mums.
Ooey gooey slime!

12. Sand Slime

A great place to make this sticky craft from Paging Fun Mums is definitely outdoors.

Image shows a boy shooting water from a DIY PVC pipe gun from Frugal Fun For Boys.
Let’s cool off with this water shooter!

13. PVC Pipe Water Shooter Toy

The perfect time for this game from Frugal Fun For Boys is during warm weather.

Image is of a printable of scavenger hunt items in blue, grey, yellow, and red boxes to check from Moritz Fine Designs.
Can you find all the items?

14. Kid’s Summer Scavenger Hunt

Get outside with your kids and make this nature scavenger hunt from Moritz Fine Designs a great family activity.

Image shows red plastic cups hanging sideways on strings from This Grandma Is Fun.
Let’s get to racing!

15. Squirt Gun Races Obstacle Course

Create your own mini water park with these creative ideas from This Grandma Is Fun.

Image shows two white sheets of paper with purple, pink, and blue paint on one sheet and the other with pink and orange shot from the blue water gun pictured above them from Fireflies And Mud Pies.
A great way to paint outdoors!

16. Squirt Gun Painting

Younger kids will love squirting paint and creating art from Fireflies And Mud Pies.

Image shows a child holding a bottle covered by a white sock with a line of bubbles trailing out from One Little Project.
These snakes aren’t scary!

17. Bubble Snakes

Enjoy this simple way for young children to participate in fun outdoor games from One Little Project.

Image shows a clear bin filled with sand and rocks and yellow toy big machine trucks from Frogs Snails And Puppy Dog Tails.
Let’s get to work!

18. DIY Sand And Rock Box

Fun projects like this one from Frogs Snails And Puppy Dog Tails are a great way for little boys to get fresh air.

image shows a girl on a pogo stick bouncing around short orange cones from Imagination Soup.
Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!

19. DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

Grab the hula hoop and jump rope and enjoy this fun activity from Imagination Soup.

Image shows a kid swinging a pink wiffle bat at a pink water balloon from Overstuffed Life.
Batter up!

20. Water Balloon Baseball

Try not to have a water fight with this game from Overstuffed Life.

Image shows a race track drawn on grey bricks and arranged like a road from Niccola On Tuesday.
Let’s race!

21. DIY Outdoor Car Track

Try this outdoor activity for boys from Niccola On Tuesday. The first person across the finish line wins!

Image shows a red bowl of assorted colors of balloons filled with shaving cream from Totally The Bomb.
Let’s play!

22. Shaving Cream Balloons for Kids

You’ll need lots of these balloons because everyone will want to play this outdoor activity from Totally The Bomb.

Image shows two boys running through pool noodles in pink, green, and orange attached in a circle from Ziggity Zoom.
Sprinklers for the win!


There are always creative ways to use pool noodles like this one from Ziggity Zoom.

Image shows an airplane made from craft sticks and painted red and blue from Making Life Blissful.
Little boys and toy planes!

24. Craft Stick Airplane

The best outdoor activities are those that spark creativity, like Making Life Blissful‘s airplane.

Image shows a replica of light sabers in green and blue glowing tubes from Little Bins For Little Hands.

25. Light Saber Sensory Bottles Star Wars Activity

The best game for little boys is always one that involves sword fighting, like this one from Little Bins For Little Hands.


Which of the outdoor activities for boys are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

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