These outdoor activities for kids are sure to get them excited about playing in nature.  Its great for our kids to get out into nature and explore.  We’re sharing some fun ways to get them out and playing,  inspired by Fireflies and Mudpies.

16 Inspiring Outdoor Activities for Kids

16 Inspiring Outdoor Activities for Kids

1.   Here’s what your kids can do with all of their fun outdoor finds like twigs and flowers.

2.   The hammering of woodpeckers, creaking tree branches, rippling water, and the giggles of children are just some of the beautiful sounds that can be heard when you enjoy free play in the forest.

3.   Did you know that playing in the mud has been documented to boost a child’s immune system and lower rates of childhood asthma and allergies?

4.   In winter, food and water become scarce for many species of birds.   Bird feeders not only provide essential nourishment for them, but offer a fun craft for kids.

5.   Not only does this activity reinforce basic colors, but it provides children with an excellent sensory experience: soft milkweed, prickly pine needles, a smooth rock and bumpy acorns.

6.   Use this scavenger hunt to help kids understand camouflage and how an animal’s coloring can help him hide in his surroundings and stay safe.

7.   Puddle jumping is a classic childhood activity that improves coordination, balance, gross motor skills and of course, moods.

8.   Blow gigantic bubbles outside with your own bubble solution and homemade wand!

9.   Place toy animals around your yard for a play animal hunt.   Let them go on a search to find all of the different animals you’ve hidden.

10.   If you like to take nature walks, here are some tips and tricks for taking your kids along with you and making it fun for them.

11.   If you’re taking a hike during the winter months, here’s how to do it and challenge them along the way.

12.   You can do so many fun things with sticks!   Here are some fun ideas to try.

13.   When it snows, you can set up a pretend ice cream shop dishing out “snow ice cream”.

14.   For the summer months, you might enjoy these water blaster games!

15.   Root Beer Ring Toss is a great indoor OR outdoor game.  When you’re done make root beer floats!

16.   Here is a list of 12 different things to do outside to get dirty!

17. Freeze your kids toys and take them outside for some fun!

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