Kids art projects are so much fun!  Creating art and learning to color and paint is something all kids enjoy.  These projects offer even more excitement since they are all for outside!  Although it can be messy, it’s always worth it in the end.

Here are a few fun kids art projects to try with your little ones.  These all come from our best blog feature, Sense of Wonder, who we interviewed and featured this morning.

 5 {Outdoor} Kids Art Projects

5 Kids Art Projects

1.  Big Messy Art  – Have fun getting messy painting outside.  First, hang a large piece of cardboard or paper to your fence and gather up a few squishy toys and balls.  Dump several paint colors into a big bowl, let your kids rub the toys in the mixture and throw them at the paper.  They’ll love this!

2.  Kickbox Painting  – A twist on marble painting – place paper, old golf balls and a few globs of paint inside a plastic container.  Seal it shut and kick it!  Shake it, toss it around and when you’re done, pull out your paper and see what you’ve created!

3.  Slap Art  – Fill a latex glove with beans or rice and seal it shut.  Then after hanging up a piece of paper, let your kids dip it in paint and slap it on paper.  It’s messy, but fun!  Another outdoor paint idea.

4.  Outdoor Painting Day  – On a nice day, have an outdoor paint day to try lots of different ideas.  Be ready to get messy and have fun.  Offer different papers, surfaces, utensils and colors.  Let them paint standing up, sitting down, with their feet – anything they want!

5.  Paint Without a Brush  – Find different items to paint with besides just brushes.  You can use a potato masher, a loufah, BBQ brushes, anything you’d like!  Use your imagination!

Thanks for sharing these art projects, Sense of Wonder!

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  1. I think our kids are indulged with the TV too much. Practically they do not even know that they can do cool activities like this.