Put the theme song to “Little House on the Prairie” on and chances are you’ll be taken back to a much more simpler time. While it’s been 46 years since the show aired it’s first episode, it’s always fun to and reminisce, especially when it involves a classic TV show. 
Little House
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Fun facts about “Little House on the Prairie” TV show 

Was “Little House” almost cancelled after the second season? Yup. While the first season had great ratings, the second season didn’t. Fortunately for fans, the network changed the night the show aired, and “Little House on the Prairie” continued. The show went on to win 17 Emmys, among other awards.  After a successful nine seasons, in 1983 they decided to go out with a bang — literally. Under Michael Landon’s direction, the crew used dynamite to blow up the town. (The church and house were, thankfully, not blown to pieces). 
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While the TV show “Little House on the Prairie” veered away from the books, some episodes were originally “Bonanza” episodes, with a few adjustments of course.  Between the hot temps at Big Sky Ranch in California’s Simi Valley, and the heavy cotton stockings, petticoats, and long skirts, it’s no surprise that the cast fainted on occasion. And no wonder Michael Landon loved going shirtless! Actress Shannen Doherty may be best known for her role on 90210, but her breakout role happened when she played Jenny Wilder on the TV show. She was just 10 years old.  Michael Landon asked Karen Grassle to change her name when she earned the role of Ma on the show. Prior to her 183 episodes of “Little House,” she went by the stage name Gabrielle Tree.  Melissa Sue Anderson earned the part of Mary Ingalls after competing against 200 girls for the role. She went on to play Mary for 163 episodes. 
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Before he became famous on “Arrested Development,” actor Jason Bateman got his start by playing James Cooper, the adopted son of Charles and Laura Ingalls.  Due to labor laws, Laura’s youngest sister Carrie was played by twin girls, Lindsay and Sidney Bush. When it was time for them to rotate places, director Michael Landon was known to ask for a “fresh twin.” In the credits, their names read: “Lindsay Sidney Greenbush.” 
Little House on the Prairie
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Nasty Nellie’s gorgeous blonde curls were actually a wig! Since they were held in place by hairpins and metal combs, they even caused her scalp to bleed. Talk about torture! Even so, the actress who played Nellie, Alison Arngrim, has fond memories of the show… which leads us to:

Get Your Fix of “Little House on the Prairie” with a Reading by “Nasty Nellie”

The actress who played the villian you loved to hate is bringing back “Little House on the Prairie” while we’re all stuck at home. Alison Arngrim is reading the original books every day online. “Bonnetheads” can catch her free readings on Facebook.  

Get More Behind-the-Scenes Info

Many of the show’s actresses have written books about their time on the popular TV show. You can read more about life behind the scenes through Melissa Gilbert’s “Prairie Tale: A Memoir.” Other memoirs worth picking up include Melissa Anderson’s “The Way I See It: a Look Back at My Life on the Little House” and Arngrim’s “Confessions of a Prairie [expletive].”  No matter how much time has passed, “Little House on the Prairie” still means a lot to a lot of people. What is your favorite “Little House” memory?
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