14 Great Letter G Crafts & Activities

What is the letter of the week? It’s G! Now, it is time for Letter G crafts! Great, gorgeous, Grover, garden, grapes, galaxy, grand, glitter…so many good g words!

We have a bunch of great letter G activities to help practice this letter. There are so many fun ways to learn the alphabet and kids don’t even realize they’re learning! That is my favorite way to teach.

14 Letter G Crafts & Activities

Let’s choose a fun letter G craft!

Here are some fun crafts and ideas to work on the letter G.

These awesome letter G crafts and activities are perfect for kids ages 2-5. These fun letter alphabet crafts are a great way to teach your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener their letters. So grab your paper, glue stick, paper plates, googly eyes, and crayons and start learning the letter G! (This article contains affiliate links.)

14 Letter G Crafts For Kids

Giraffe Craft

Make this fun G is for giraffe craft! It’s super simple and fun.

Glitter Letter G

Color a big letter G with glitter – what kid doesn’t love glitter?? via How To Do Something

Gumball Craft

Make a colorful gumball machine from the letter G. via All Kids Network

Garden Craft

G is for garden! Make a little garden craft with a paper plate, flower stickers, and other colorful accessories. via Happy Hooligans

Goose Craft

Use a paper plate to make this letter G shaped goose with white, fluffy feathers. via Making Learning Fun

Gold Fish Craft

Make a letter G with construction paper and add construction paper to turn it into a fish bowl holding gold fish! via The Vintage Umbrella

14 Letter G Activities- galaxy, and garden crafts
I love the galaxy dough! That galaxy craft is out of this world.

Green Gak

Here is our favorite way to talk about the letter G, with green GAK! Make your own with this great recipe.

Grape Craft

One of our favorite healthy snacks starts with a G, grapes! Use bubble wrap and purple paint to make this fun grape craft. via La La’s Home Daycare

Goat Craft

Cut out the letter G with construction paper and turn it into a goat! This goat craft is not only cute, but will help with letter recognition. So fun. via Crystal & Co

Letter G Worksheets

Grab these free letter G worksheets to practice writing and identifying G’s.

Letter G Fill In The Blank

Get a pen or pencil and fill in the blank with the missing letter! via Kids Front

Letter G Writing Practice

Practice writing the letter G with these gel bags. via In My World

14 Letter G Activities- giraffe made of G, a goat made of G, goldfish made of G, and goose made of G, as well as Grover made of G.
So many animals you can make with the letter G!

Grover Craft

Make everyone’s favorite monster, Grover, from the letter G! via Pinterest

Galaxy Crafts

G is for Galaxy. Here are 16 super fun galaxy crafts to try out. So pretty! What a wonderful way to learn about the letter g and about the galaxy and space. These are perfect for kindergarten children and younger. 


If you loved those fun letter g crafts then you’ll love these! We have even more alphabet craft ideas and letter G printable worksheets for kids. Most of these fun crafts are also great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners (ages 2-5).


homemade-sour-gummy-alphabet-for letter g

Looking for more alphabet crafts and free alphabet printables? Here are some great ways to learn the alphabet. These are great preschool crafts and preschool activities , but these would also be a fun craft for kindergarteners and toddlers as well.

Which letter g craft are you going to try first? Tell us which alphabet craft is your favorite!