15 Upcycled Toys to Make at Home

These upcycled toys take things that you would normally throw away and renews them!  This is a great way to teach kids to use their imagination and the benefits of recycling.

Laura over at  Lalymom  makes *tons* of toys for her kids to enjoy!   These are just some of the ideas she has on her site and in  her pinterest boards.   Check her out!

15 Upcycled Toys to Make at Home

15 Upcycled Toys to Make at Home

1.  Shape Sorter  – Take a large piece of cardboard from an empty box and cut wholes in it the same size for a quick and easy shape sorter.

2.  Easy Tilt Puzzle  – Use a few simple things at your house to make this maze tilt toy.

3.  Fine Motor Dashboard  –  Make it super fun to use those small muscles in the hand with aneEasy DIY car dashboard!

4.  Pom Pom Soccer Game  – This is great indoor fun for a winter day.   You can even build your own miniature crowd to cheer you on!

5.  Cardboard Fishing Pole  – This paper tube fishing pole really reels!  Use a magnet on the end of your string to pick up other magnetic objects.

6.  Cutting Practice Spider  –  Give your  preschooler  some  scissor practice and some giggles with this fun activity.

7.  Truck Toys  – Turn shrinky dinks into cars that actually roll!

8.  Lid Wheels  – With plastic food lids you can make a decoder wheel or a fun family faces wheel.

9.  Finger Puppets  –  Make quick and  easy bug finger puppets using baby food pouch caps and pipe cleaners!

10.  Play Parachute  – Make your own play parachute from just three simple things you’ve got laying around the house.

11.  Maracas  – You can make a fun noise maker out of plastic water bottles, a paper towel roll and beads!

12.  DIY Abacus  – Turn a cardboard box into an abacus!  String beads onto pipe cleaners and follow these instructions for assembly.

13.  Ribbon Pull  –  This easy  DIY Toddler Toy  helps to  develop fine motor skills, specifically the pincer grasp.

14.  Jointed Robot from Shrinky Dinks

15.  Clipping Toy – This fun upcycled toy will keep kids entertained and work on their fine motor skills.

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