These CD crafts are a great way to use up old CD’s and DVD’s that may be laying around. Kids of all ages will love these CD crafts. You can use these CD crafts to make animals, donuts, ice cream, toys, wind spinners and more! These budget-friendly crafts are great whether you’re going to make these CD crafts at home or in the classroom.

15 Fun Ways Kids Can Upcycle Old CD's- CD Crafts- Donuts, animals, dream catchers, Olaf- Kids Activities Blog
There are so many different ways to use old CD’s. I love all of these CD Crafts!

CD Crafts

We love to upcycle around here. It’s great for kids to realize that they can take things they look at as trash and turn it into something else! CD’s and DVD’s are a fun item to craft with because there are so many things you can do with them. Look below, you’ll even see a working car!

Many of us are getting away from CD’s. Music is now streamed online, as a re movies, so you may find yourself with a large number of CD’s and DVD’s that are collecting dust. And if you’re like me, it hurts just throwing stuff out. I hate wasting. So, these CD crafts are a great way to use up these old discs in a fun way from decorations, toys, and more.

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Fun Ways Kids Can Upcycle Old CD’s

1. Olaf CD Craft

Make your favorite Frozen character, Olaf! What a fun way for your kids to use those old scratched DVD’s.

2. Colorful Sun Catcher CD Craft

This is another fun kids project to make with recycled CD’s. These colorful sun catchers are so pretty! via Happy Hooligans

3. Donut CD Craft

Use pain, glue and shaving cream to make a donut craft that really looks just like a donut! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

4. Peacock CD Craft

Make a peacock! Kids will love making this colorful craft. via I Heart Crafty Things

5. Fun Bird CD Craft

Or try these fun birds! via Crafts by Amanda

6. Easy Lion CD Craft

Use construction paper, markers and an old CD for your kids to make this fun lion craft. via Crafty Morning

15 Fun Ways Kids Can Upcycle Old CD's- CD Crafts- peacocks, cards, ornaments, and ice cream cones- kids activities blog
Um, how cool is that DIY car using CD’s as tires?

7. Beautiful CD Wind Spinners Craft

Hang these beautiful wind spinners outside during the warm months. This is a really fun and easy craft projects for kids to do. via Happy Hooligans

8. Homemade Button Spinner CD Craft

Make a homemade button spinner kids can decorate and play with. So fun! via Housing A Forest

10. CD Dream Catcher Craft

This dream catcher is one of my favorite ways to upcycle an old CD! via Pink Stripey Socks

11. DIY CD Hovercraft

Make a hovercraft! This is a fun science project for kiddos. via Deceptively Educational

12. Ice Cream CD Craft

Try this fun ice cream craft by decorating your recycled CD with tissue paper. via Make and Takes

15 Fun Ways Kids Can Upcycle Old CD's- CD Crafts- sun catchers, pinwheels- kids activities blog
Use old Cd’s to make lovely wind spinners!

13. Doodle Discs Craft

These doodle discs are totally fun! Paint an old CD with black paint, and once it dries let your kids scratch of some cool designs. via Moms and Crafters

14. DIY Hippopotamus CD Craft

Make this adorable hippopotamus. This idea comes with an easy to follow video and free printable. via Artsy Crafty Mom

15. Rubber Band Powered CD Car Craft

Make a rubber band powered car using old CD’s as the wheels. This is amazing! via Crafts by Amanda

16. Planet CD Craft

Decorate an old CD and glue an Easter egg on it to make your own planet! Love this idea. via Kids Play Box

17. Donut CD Craft

After you make your donut out of old CDs, check out this Decorate Your Own Donut Craft!

More Fun Upcycling Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Which CD crafts will you be making? My favorite CD craft is # 12!

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