Simple Lunch Ideas

In the last week, the world has changed so much. Parents are working from home, while trying to home school their kids at the same time. People are sporting toilet paper earrings and kids are going on virtual field trips.

You know one thing I didn’t realize that I would miss? 

School lunch.

Seriously, having to come up with something for lunch every single day is draining. I dread it every morning!

We’ve shared our favorite lunch ideas for picky eaters and kids school lunch ideas, but today we are focusing on simple lunch recipes you can make at home for kids.

Easy Lunch Ideas

Salad Recipes Even Kids Will Like

Easy salad recipes are always a winner. 

My kids adore this pasta salad for kids.

Here’s another great salad for kids

An oldie but a goodie — simple chicken salad recipe

The best thing about this creamy pasta salad recipe is that you can make it ahead. via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Easy Mexican layered salad is another quick lunch you can put together fast. via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Dorito taco salad is another family favorite. via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

I can’t wait to try this macaroni salad recipe from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich Recipes That Aren’t Boring

Lunch never looked so good with five different ways to make grilled cheese.

Make lunch magical for kids with a fairy sandwich.

My kids love when we make sandwiches with waffles

Easy wrap recipes are another simple idea you can put together in minutes.

DIY uncrustables freezer sandwiches from Princess Pinky Girl are a kid favorite.

Here’s another yummy lunch idea from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons — chicken Waldorf salad.

My kids love when I make veggie roll-ups that look like sushi! via The Nerd’s Wife

The whole family will enjoy turkey and cheese pinwheel bites from Simplistically Living.

Make sandwiches for the week that actually taste good! via Totally the Bomb 

Salad Recipes

Here’s a recipe you can make ahead for several lunches: crock pot shredded beef tacos.

When in doubt, serve up some simple soft tacos

Set up a walking taco bar and let the kids pick what they want. via Princess Pinky Girl

Taco quesadillas are super easy to make!

For a fun twist, make these teriyaki quesadillas.




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