It’s amazing how we take the littlest things for granted in our every day lives. Take toilet paper for example, I bet you all thought we’d NEVER have to worry about running out but here we are… Honestly, I find it a little funny because according to the CDC, you aren’t going to need an abundance supply of toilet paper if you get the Coronavirus. You won’t really be going #2 a lot if you know what I mean… That’s exactly why I completely found the humor in these Toilet Paper Roll Earrings. Get them and wear them PROUD. After all, toilet paper is The Most Precious Commodity Known to Man! The etsy shop LiciaBeads is selling toilet paper roll earrings and you can get them in either silver or gold plated metals.  “Toilet paper earrings, for those who give a crap. Beaded miniature TP rolls individually hand woven from tiny glass seed beads that look like pearls. Classy!” These will cost you around $40 but can you really go wrong with these? They will certainly be a statement piece and remind you that 2020 was the year everyone stocked up on Toilet Paper and there was a shortage! You can get your own Toilet Paper Roll Earrings Here. You can even get a rainbow toilet paper roll necklace to match!  

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  1. HI!! Thanks 🙂 I’ve done more business in 4 days than 6 months… it’s a TPocalypse! I’ve hired 4 helpers and extended the lead time. Wish me luck!