Easy kid-friendly recipes is our mission here at Kids Activities Blog…all this playing will make you hungry!

And it can be easy to get overwhelmed by dinner…or lunch…or breakfast…or snacktime!  Picky eaters, multiple requested menus, complicated recipes, busy schedules and general family chaos can all be obstacles to the traditional happy family meal.  That is why we have created and curated the solution:  hundreds and hundreds of delicious meal ideas that kids will actually eat.

And recipes that adults love too.

Oh, and did I mention they are easy?  <–We only do EASY here.

Check out the best ideas for quick, easy and perfect mealtime memories.  Simple meal recipes that are satisfying, healthy and child-friendly.  Let’s get inspired and get that meal on the table with ease!

Browse through hundreds of yummy recipes for picky eaters (whether they are your kids or adults in the family) and follow the simple instructions to getting kid-friendly food to the table for a happy family meal.

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