45+ Active Indoor Games

During rainy or cold times of the year, there’s nothing more important than active indoor games for kids.

In my experience, kids don’t slow down for weather. So, my go-to list of active indoor games has to be ready at all times! You know the days when you’re stuck inside, and you need to keep kids moving and having fun….so that all of you can stay sane?!

Kids Activities Blog is thrilled to share with you our favorite active indoor games that will keep kids of all ages happy and entertained on the gloomiest of days! (Last time we brought you over 500 lunchbox notes!)

45+ Active Indoor Games

Active Indoor Games

Get kids learning and moving with this simple game to learn left from right. via Childhood 101

Learn math patterns indoors with some chalk and this awesome printable. via Kids Activities Blog

Build a tower with marshmallows and straws – kids won’t tire of this indoor STEM activity! via Kids Activities Blog 

Pool noodles just got promoted to the best toy ever – you can make a pool noodle javelin game. Wait until you see it… via Therapy Fun Zone

Make an easy indoor relay with a scooter board that will get kids working on writing skills, too! via Growing Hands on Kids

Create a giant game board with chalk. via Kids Activities Blog 

45+ Active Indoor Games

More Active Indoor Games

Simplicity at it’s best – gunny sack races with something we all have in the house. via Meaningful Mama

Love angry birds? Bring it to life with just a few balloons! via Kids Activities Blog

Tennis just became a game you can play inside. We promise this version won’t break anything in the house. via Toddler Approved

Got tape? Learn shapes with this simple indoor game for kids who love to move. via Hands On As We Grow

Get kids moving and practicing their coordination with these textured balloon balls – so so fun! via Kids Activities Blog 

Think bubbles are just for outside? Nope! This DIY bubble machine is easy to set up and will get kids moving and popping bubbles! via Kids Activities Blog 

45+ Active Indoor Games

Make & Play – DIY Indoor Games

Make your own marble run with a free printable that will get kids making their own hypotheses and observations while they play. via Buggy and Buddy

Grab your plastic water bottle and make your own zoom ball….so genius! via Therapy Fun Zone

Make a felt tic-tac-toe board – kids will not only love making it, but playing with it, too! via Coloured Buttons

Build your own racetrack out of legos – we love that this indoor game can be played solo! via Frugal Fun for Boys

Even if it’s raining outside, you’ll never get wet with this adorable car wash game! You won’t believe how they made the cars… | via Homegrown Friends

Get kids making their own indoor game with a foam ball and popsicle sticks – kids of all ages can get in on the fun! via Buggy and Buddy

Grab your toilet paper rolls and watch your kids turn into engineers with this kid-made ball run. via Lemon Lime Adventures

Have any superman or batman lovers in your house? Check out this simple checker board that kids can make on their own. via Crafts by Amanda

Collect stickers to get the youngest of kids playing indoor games. via The Inspired Treehouse

Make your own dinosaur skeleton out of…well, you’ve got to see this one for yourself! via Your Modern Family

Popsicle sticks, a box, and marbles are all you need to make these kid crafted marble runs. via Frugal Fun for Boys

You’ll need something unexpected from the bathroom to create this racetrack that only costs a dollar. via Your Modern Family

Make your own magnetic dress up dolls. My daughter wanted to make these the moment that she saw them! via Crafts by Amanda

Have you ever made a rocket? This one is safe to be inside and kids will love trying to make it on their own! via Kids Activities Blog

45+ Active Indoor Games

Indoor Obstacle Courses

Have you heard of flag tape? Be sure to grab some because you can make an indoor obstacle course that will entertain kids of all ages. via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Keep takeout chopsticks for this DIY pick-up sticks game. via Craftulate

You’ll want to bring this Super Mario party obstacle course indoors – it is sure to be a huge hit with kids! via Kids Activities Blog

Keep it simple for kids of all ages with this classic indoor obstacle course. via Love Play and Learn

Get kids using their imagination as they crawl through this indoor obstacle course via Kids Activities Blog 

Grab a buddy and a big shirt to start the most adorable partner obstacle course for kids. via Meaningful Mama

Love to ski but don’t want to get out in the snow? Make your own skis and build an obstacle course inside…you don’t want to miss this! via Plativities

Make a maze in your house with one simple thing – the options are endless! via Hands On As We Grow

45+ Active Indoor Games

After Dark – Indoor Games

Grab all the glow sticks you can to make your own tic tac glow game – this game won’t disappoint! via Kids Activities Blog

This flashlight alphabet game gets kids learning and moving after dark – kids will be begging to play this over and over. via Happily Ever Mom

Make a lego lantern and pretend to go camping inside your house. via Lalymom

Play flashlight games before the kids head to bed – be sure to have enough flashlights on hand! via Kids Activities Blog 

Make glow in the dark shakers to get kids moving. via Happily Ever Mom

Or, start a glow in the dark band for kids to play long after the sun has gone down. via Happily Ever Mom

This shadow puppet theatre comes with free printables so you can start the show right now! via The Nerds Wife

Balloons and glow sticks make for the easiest indoor games after dark. via Kids Activities Blog 

Do your kids love flashlights? This treasure scavenger hunt is sure to keep them playing and having fun! via Happily Ever Mom

And, my personal favorite, make a glowing light saber for the ultimate night time battles. via Kids Activities Blog 


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    Great ideas for engaging my grands! Thanks

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