We all have different ways of playing with our kids like gently and playfully scaring our babies. Some kids love gentle play, some like it rough. This baby scare video is the epitome of that. This mom baby video is actually very cute.

waiting to scare baby video - Kids activities Blog
When peek a boo is more BOO than peek…

Videos Scaring Babies

Some like to be cuddled, some like to be scared. I’m guessing the sweet baby in this video falls into that second category.

screenshot from video of mom waiting to scare her baby
This may not end well…

When you’re staying in a hotel, it can be hard finding new and fun ways to keep your kids entertained. Especially if they’re little and don’t necessarily understand WHY they’re being held captive in a place that isn’t ‘home’. So this mom figured out a fun game to play with her little to keep her active, and on her toes.

screenshot of mom laughing and hiding in video
It seemed like a good plan at the time..

A Family Video Of Scaring Babies

As the little one works her way down a staircase (which is scary for the rest of us watching), mom lies in wait on just the other side of a wall. She knows the baby is coming. Dad knows the baby is coming. The baby? Well, it’s unclear whether she knows what mom is about to do, but her reaction to it is priceless!

Take a look!

Video of Mom Scaring Baby on Stairs

Scaring a baby? What do you think?

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Ok, what is your verdict? Is this mom the best or the worst after playing that prank?

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