Looking for fun Valentine’s day activities for your family? Look no further, because we have 10 amazingly festive activities that are perfect for Valentine’s day for the entire family. Kids of all ages and even parents will love each of these family themed Valentine’s day activities.

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This Valentine’s day why not have fun with the whole family?

Valentine’s Day Family Fun

Valentine’s Day is usually thought of as a holiday for romantic love. But why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day as a special family day? Using this winter holiday as a time of family togetherness is a fun way to share the love.

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Kids Activities Blog is in favor of activities that can bring families closer together. A day devoted to love is the perfect time to celebrate family! This Valentine’s Day there are lots of ways to celebrate family love.

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Time to plan the best Valentine’s day for the entire family!

Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Your Entire Family

1. Communicate love with your words this Valentine’s Day

Here are some simple ways we can show love to our families.

  • No Complaints – Use the 24hr period of Valentines Day to ban complaints. Parents included!  
  • Be the first to apologize – If you have done something hurtful or inconsiderate take this time to apologize.  As a parent, it is often hard to admit when we are wrong, and yet, apologizing can bring you closer together!
  • Tell a love story – Tell the kids one of the reasons that you fell in love with their mom or dad (even if you are separated from your child’s other parent, this is good for your kid to hear).
  • Share the love – Tell your family members that you love them. It is amazing how important those words are!
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A family date for Valentine’s day is a great idea! Have a picnic with tasty finger foods!

Family Day Activities

2. Go On A Family Date This Valentine’s Day

Go on a date together as a whole family –  Is there a family event or place that your kids enjoy where you can be together?   We love going to play centers and the park if the weather is nice.

3. Have A Family Picnic This Valentine’s Day

Share a meal – Have a picnic as a family. On cold days it can be really fun to spread a sheet out on the living room floor. The change of scenery makes the meal more exciting for the kids, and the paper plates make clean-up fun for the parents!

4. Decorate For A Family Surprise Party This Valentine’s Day

Create a surprise – Encourage your kids do help you with a surprise for your spouse or another family member. You can decorate a welcome home banner, decorate pictures, bring him something at work, be creative. Think about doing a family secret pal activity.

5. Cuddle As A Family This Valentine’s Day

Be close – Cuddle together as a family. If your kids are young, have a tickle-fest! My preschoolers love being with their mommy & daddy.

6. Say What You’re Thankful For As A Family This Valentine’s Day

Be thankful – Look for three things to thank each of your family members for throughout the day.

7. Make Extra Effort To Talk To Your Family This Valentine’s Day

Be thoughtful – Make an extra effort to actively listen to to your children and your spouse. Ask them leading questions to encourage them to talk to you.

8. Cook Dinner and A Special Dessert Together As A Family This Thanksgiving

Make something everyone will love like this easy pepperoni pizza pasta bake and this deliciously simple Valentine’s day S’mores bark dessert recipe.

9. Have A Valentine’s Day Family Movie Night

Have a fun movie night watching a Valentine’s Day themed movie. But don’t forget the snacks, sweets, and popcorn.

10. Do A Family Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Put together these cute Valentine’s day photo shoot ideas and take pictures together as a family. That way you can remember Valentine’s day forever!

Valentine’s Day as Family Day

There are lots of ways you can celebrate this Valentines Day in a special family way.  The main thing is to step back and think about what might make a special memory beyond flowers and candy.

More Fun Thinks To Do This Valentine’s Day From Kids Activities Blog

Do you have unique Valentine’s Day traditions? Tell us about them in the comments!

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  1. My husband and I like to dress up fancy with our 2 girls, who are 6 and 8, and have a fancy dinner at home for Valentine’s day. Sometimes the girls like to wear their “dress up” clothes, sometimes they wear their sunday clothes. My hubbie and I wear our sunday best. We eat on our fancy china, use cloth napkins, crystal glasses (carefully), and I cook something “fancy”. the girls think this is the best ever!! We even use candlelight. My hubbie and i go out another night, just the two of us, but the girls know that our love as a family is just as important as our love as a couple.