Cute Little Girl is LITERALLY Scared of Her Shadow [Video]

All I can think of is the & my shadow.

Yes, I am 100 years old.

But having a shadow is such an important part of childhood.

Little girl scared of her own shadow literally video - Kids Activities Blog
Me and my shadow…

And then discovering that shadow for the first time…well, it can be a little frightening!

This video is super cute.

It has been incredibly popular over at Facebook and we thought it would be fun to share it with you here.

A toddler is not only afraid, but quite irritated at her shadow.

I get it.  I mean…it is very persistent!

scared of shadow - Kids Activities Blog

I remember when my boys first noticed their shadows, but none of them had this reaction…

It is adorable.

Take a Look!

Toddler Scared of Her Own Shadow Video

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Did you giggle at the little girl with the shadow hunting?