How to Make Flowers {Cute Pipe Cleaner Craft}

Little girls love learning how to make flowers from simple craft supplies at home.  Let them try this easy pipe cleaner craft and they will be making colorful and unique flowers in no time…and mom will have no mess to clean up!  We love simple creative crafts like this at Kids Activities Blog!

How to make flowers from pipe cleaners {Easy craft for kids}

How to Make Flowers

Our girls love to create crafts and I love colorful flowers!  These flowers were so easy that my four year old made several dozen.

So cute and colorful!!

The only thing that limited her bouquet-making-party was time and pipe cleaners!!

Supplies needed to create a flowery bouquet:

  • Colorful Pipe-Cleaners – for flower petals and buds
  • Green Pipe-Cleaners – for stems
  • Container for your Bouquet

pipecleaner flowers -  a great gift for kids to create {easy craft!!}

Pipe Cleaner Craft

To make the colorful flowers, we swirled some of the cleaners into a circle shape.  When you let go of the wire, and pull lightly on the center of it (to make a cone-like shape) it looks a lot like an orchid (or maybe a tulip).  That was my daughters favorite type to create.

We also made loops and attached the loops together to create the more traditional-looking flower shape.  This was a bit more difficult for my four year old to create, but she tried hard!


pipe cleaner flowers - a craft for kids to make

Flower Craft

When the swirls and flowers were finished, we added stems to create our bouquets.   These would make a great gift for Grandma!!

So colorful and bright…and so easy to make!

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