Pretty Egg Carton Flower Wreath Craft

This Egg Carton Flower Wreath craft is such a fun and festive way to recycle a household item that would otherwise be tossed out!

This easy craft for kids is great for all ages even preschool crafters because the egg carton flower wreath steps are easy and there are places you can prepare the craft supplies ahead to make it the perfect level for your child or a classroom.

Egg Carton Flower Wreath craft for kids - completed wreath craft shown with colorful egg carton flowers on a paper plate wreath with a bow
Using a paper plate and an egg carton, you can make this beautiful spring wreath!

Between your fridge and your craft supplies, you likely already have everything you need to make this lovely spring flower wreath made out of egg cartons!

DIY wreaths are a beautiful spring craft to make with your children, especially on a day when it’s too cold or wet to play outside.

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Egg Carton Flower Wreath Craft

Check your recycling bin and craft supply closet before heading to the store.  You could use nearly any color leftover paint.  The sky is the limit on your creativity with this wreath craft.

Egg Carton Flower Wreath Craft Supplies

Here’s what you need to make this spring wreath:

Egg Carton Flower Wreath Craft steps - 4 steps shown ending with gluing painted flowers onto paper plate ring
Making an egg carton flower wreath is easy with these simple steps.

Egg Carton Flower Wreath Craft Instructions

  1. Start by cutting the egg carton into individual pieces. Cut a slit at each corner and fold back the sides. This will create the “flower petals”.
  2. Paint each flower your choice of color and set aside to dry.
  3. Cut the middle out of the paper plate. If you had to cut the edge of the paper plate in order to cut out the middle, you can staple it back together.
  4. Glue the painted flowers around the edge of the wreath, and tie a piece of ribbon for a bow!
Egg Carton Flower Wreath craft finished and hanging on the wall
And now you can hang your finished egg carton flower wreath!

How cute is that?

What a delightful craft to display on a wall in your home this spring!

You can even make your own paint to use when crafting this wreath.

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I love when I can combine recycling with crafting!

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We hope you love this egg carton wreath!

What other ideas do you have for using egg cartons? Leave a note in the comments!