Let’s make an easy flower craft to celebrate spring from plastic bags. This simple plastic bag flower craft uses two things you likely already have at home – plastic bags and Q Tips – and works well for kids of all ages, even preschoolers. Making plastic bag flowers is a fun spring activity for home or the classroom and the resulting beautiful flowers can make lovely decorations or bouquets to give as a gift!

easy flower craft for kids made from plastic bags - red and white homemade plastic flower shown held by a child's hand - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an easy flower craft today!

Easy Plastic Bag Crafts – Flower Craft!

We have made flowers from all sorts of materials because you can literally make flower crafts out of anything and today we are making flowers out of leftover plastic bags you might have laying around the house.

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Because these plastic bag flowers are so easy to make, you can easily use this as a preschool flower craft, a homeschool lesson project or a fun way to play. This is an open-ended craft that kids can use to dream up their own unique flowers making it perfect to inspire creativity while honing fine motor skills.

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Supplies Needed for Plastic Flower Craft

How to Recycle Bags into Plastic Flowers

Step 1

Step 1 - plastic flower craft for kids - Kids Activities Blog - scissors shown with stacks of plastic circles cut from plastic bags of different colors and patterns with various circle diameters
The layers of different colors & patterns will be pretty flower petals!

Using scissors, cut out different size circles from the plastic bags. Start with a few circles a little larger than you want your flowers diameter to be and then cut smaller and smaller circles.

The circles do not have to be perfectly round, have smooth edges or be consistently bigger or smaller than the circle below. The layers of cut plastic bags create the different fullness, petal shape and colors of each homemade flower.

Step 2

Using scissors, cut off one tip of the cotton swab. Your Q Tip is going to be the center and stem for your plastic flower.

Step 3

Stack the plastic bag circles you want to use for your flower and then poke a hole into the center of the stacked plastic circles. We used an ice pick from the kitchen drawer with our cutting board underneath, but you could also use another craft tool or snip the center with scissors.

Tip: Younger kids will need help with this step!

Step 4

Step 4 - plastic flower craft for kids - Kids Activities Blog - Q tip threaded with various sizes layers of red plastic bag circles being added (in process)
Let’s add the petals to our easy flower craft!

Thread your plastic circles onto the Q-tip starting with the smallest circle and then adding the larger and larger circles.

Finished Plastic Flower Craft

Finished easy flower craft - four red and white plastic bag flowers with q tip centers pictured
Our Plastic Flowers Turned out so pretty!

Not only it’s a fun craft, but also it’s a great way to practice fine motor skills for kids. Stacking those plastic bag circles on the Q-tip might be quite challenging for those little hands. They will love it!

Finished plastic bag flowers craft - red and white flower and gray and black flower on white background
Make Your Flowers Any Color You Desire

Encourage kids to find and match different colors, prints and sizes to from the most beautiful blooming flower.

Our Experience Making Plastic Flowers

finished plastic flowers made from recycled plastic bags close up - two flowers red and white and blue and white on brown background
Oh the Possibilities of Making Plastic Bag Flowers…

These are just few flowers that we made. Try adding more colors and shapes to experiment and create even more cheerful flowers. Hey, if your kids are really into it, make the whole bouquet. Get creative!

Yield: 1

Plastic Bag Flower Craft

Plastic Bag Flower Craft

One of our favorirte plastic bag crafts for kids...make plastic bag flowers! Follow the simple instructions to make beautiful flowers.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost $0


  • 1 Q-tip for each flower
  • Leftover plastic bags of different colors and patterns


  • Scissors or preschool training scissors
  • (Optional) Ice pick or tool with sharp end
  • (Optional) Glue or tape


  1. Using scissors, cut out different size circles from your plastic bag. Start with larger circles and then make smaller circles that can be stacked.
  2. Cut one tip of the cotton swab off with scissors
  3. Hold the cotton swab and thread on the circles starting with the smallest one. You can poke through the middle or use something to make a hole.
  4. You can add a touch of glue or tape to keep the flowers at the top of the q-tip.
  5. Optional, add pipe cleaners or a longer stem to your flowers.

Here at Kids Activities Blog we love making “things out of things”. You know, stuff you have in your kitchen junk drawer or laying on the counter.

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How did your easy flower craft turn out? What colors did you use for your homemade plastic flowers?

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