Super Cute Spring Flowers Coloring Pages

This coloring page for spring flowers has simple flower shapes that you can color or use cut out and use as a spring flowers template. Kids can use this spring flowers coloring page in an unlimited number of designs using crayons and scissors. 

free flower coloring page for spring printable for kids - shown is the printable pdf of four spring flowers
How will you color your spring flower coloring page?

Free Spring Flowers Coloring Page

This free spring flower printable coloring page is an incredibly flexible foundation for creativity for kids of all ages:

  • Color the Spring Flowers: Grab crayons, markers, colored pencils or watercolor paint
  • Cut Out the Spring Flower Shapes: Use scissors to cut out the flowers
  • Create 3D Flowers: Combine the flower templates with glue or place them on a pipe cleaner stem
  • Decorate with Your Paper Flowers: Hang the colorful paper flowers or bunch them together into a spring flower bouquet

There are tons of different ways to use this printable after you download and print the spring flower coloring page, so don’t limit your thinking to just crayons!

This printable coloring page is perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

flower coloring page for spring - pdf of flower coloring page shown with butterflies and spring flowers
After printing, I am grabbing my glitter glue!

Download & Print Spring Flowers Coloring Pages PDF File Here

Start by downloading and printing the spring flower coloring page with the green button below. 

Decorating Ideas for Flower Coloring Pages

You may want to make multiple copies because here are some fun ideas you can try…

  • Make glitter flowers by putting glue and glitter on the inside (or outside) of each flower
  • Punch a hole at the top of each flower and string yarn or ribbon through it to make a spring flowers mobile on a plastic hanger
  • Color and cut out the flowers before gluing them on pieces of card stock folded in half – instant spring flowers greeting cards!
  • Print the page out on card stock and use watercolors to paint the flowers
  • Have little ones use finger paints to decorate the spring flowers
  • Color them with crayons and then make them into spring flowers scratch art

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We hope you love this spring flowers coloring page! 


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