Pipe cleaner crafts are so much fun to make because they are easy and pipe cleaners can also be molded into a million ways! Kids of all ages will love this selection of our favorite pipe cleaner crafts that are fun to make at home or in the classroom!

Best Pipe Cleaner Crafts - Kids Activities Blog - 10 images of pipe cleaner crafts for kids - flowers, bee, ring, hat, monster, spider, finger puppet, flowers, ornaments and ping pong ball monsters
Let’s make pipe cleaner crafts!

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

I absolutely adore pipe cleaner crafts because they require very little set up and have unlimited crafting options. A pipe cleaner is also known as a chenille stem, fuzzy stem, fuzzy stick, fuzzy wire, brush, smoking pipe cleaner or craft pipe cleaner.

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Best Pipe Cleaners for Crafts

Pipe cleaners come in big packages with lots of colors. You can get them in different sizes and levels of fuzzy. Here are a few of our favorite craft chenille stems:

Favorite Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

pipe cleaner crafts- How to make pipe cleaner flowers - Kids Activities Blog fb

1. Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft

Looking for some easy pipe cleaner crafts? We got you! Use so many colorful pipe cleaners to make colorful flowers! What a fun way to give to celebrate spring or give gifts. Pipe Cleaner Flowers  are amazing because then there is no mess to clean up!

pipe cleaner crafts- simple pipe cleaner activity with colander and pipe cleaners on white background
This pipe cleaner activity is great fine motor skills practice.

2. Robot Helmet Craft

Have a strainer in the kitchen? This  Fun Robot Hat  is always a huge hit! ~from The Realistic Mama This is a fun way to get some hand-eye coordination practice in. Your little guys and girls will have so much fun with this easy peasy frugal fun. Younger kids like toddlers, preschools, and kindergarteners will benefit from this.

pipe cleaner crafts- Pom Pom and pipe cleaner pluck game made from a syrofoam cup craft for kids from Realistic Mama
This pipe cleaner craft becomes a game!

3. Pluck It Game Made from Pipe Cleaners

Grab your pom poms for this little project! This is one of my favorite pipe cleaner craft ideas. DIY  Pom-pom Pluck  –  pluck the pipe cleaners and don’t be the one to have all the pom-poms plunk on you! ~from The Realistic Mama

pipe cleaner crafts- pipe cleaner bracelet craft with rainbow beads and pipe cleaners
How cute is this pipe cleaner bracelet? I love the colorful beads.

4. Pipe Cleaner Bracelet Craft

4 DIY Bracelets, with enough different variations every kid will love theirs! ~from The Realistic Mama

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pipe cleaner crafts- Rainbow bracelet made from pipe cleaners from Crafts by Amanda
Let’s make a rainbow bracelet out of pipe cleaners!

5. Rainbow Pipe Cleaner Bracelet Craft

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s another idea for a  Rainbow Bracelet  ~from Crafts by Amanda This is such a fun idea and I love these simple pipe cleaner crafts.

6. Easy Crown Craft Using Pipe Cleaners

Watch our quick crown making tutorial using one of our very favorite craft supplies, chenille stems! Make some simple crowns using pipe cleaners! you can make it in a variety of colors or even sparkly. Be a queen or king with this pipe cleaner crown.

pipe cleaner crafts-  PIpe Cleaner Ring Craft from Juggling with Kids
Let’s make pipe cleaner rings!

7. Pipe Cleaner Ring With Gems Craft

You can make some super cute Pipe Cleaner Rings  ~from Juggling with Kids. They even have gems!

pipe cleaner crafts- PIpe cleaner disguises from Kids Activities Blog - fb
Have some fun with pipe cleaners

8. Pipe Cleaner Disguises You Can Make

Pipe Cleaner Disguises  – because  what kid wouldn’t love making their own disguise?

pipe cleaner crafts- pipe cleaner bee craft for kids from Kids Activities Blog - top of pipe cleaner bee shown looking at the camera
Well hello there pipe cleaner bee!

9. Pipe Cleaner Bee Craft

Clothespin and Pipe Cleaner Bees  – the cutest bees you’ve ever seen!

pipe cleaner crafts- easy pipe cleaner ornaments for kids to make for Christmas - Happy Hooligans
Let’s make pipe cleaner ornaments!

10. Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Gorgeous Icicle Ornaments  ~from Happy Hooligans. Make your tree extra festive this year!

pipe cleaner crafts- ping pong ball and pipe cleaner aliens craft - Kids Activities Blog - pipe cleaners holding up 5 different brightly colored alien crafts
Let’s make ping pong ball aliens with pipe cleaners!

11. Pipe Cleaner Alien Craft with Ping Pong Balls

You can’t go wrong with Ping Pong  Ball Monsters made with chenille stems.

pipe cleaner crafts- toilet paper roll aliens made with chenille stems from meaningful mama
What a sparkly alien!

12. Toilet Paper Roll Alien Craft with Pipe Cleaners

Or make an alien craft like these adorably sparkly  Toilet Paper Aliens  ~from Meaningful Mama

pipe cleaner crafts- DIY hedgehog ring toss game from Molly Moo featured on Pink Stripey Socks
Let’s make a ring toss game!

13. Pipe Cleaner Ring Toss Game DIY

Ring Toss Game made from cardboard and pipe cleaners from Molly Moo. A Great way to keep kids busy for hours!

pipe cleaner crafts-  pipe cleaner finger puppet craft of bird and pig on a black background

14. Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppet Craft

Finger Puppets made from chenille straws are just awesome ~from Happy Hooligans

pipe cleaner crafts- aluminum foil sculpture with pipe cleaners and color

15. Aluminum Foil Sculpture with Pipe Cleaners

Easy Aluminum Foil Butterfly –  these bright, shiny butterflies make the best refrigerator magnets ~from I Heart Arts & Crafts

pipe cleaner crafts- pipe cleaner bookmark shaped like a flower from Your Modern Family
Let’s make a pipe cleaner bookmark craft!

16. Pipe Cleaner Flowers Bookmark

DIY Flower Bookmarks is the perfect tool to help inspire reading ~from Your Modern Family

pipe cleaner crafts- Picture shows pipe cleaner flowers in a polka dotted white pot card craft.
Let’s make this flower card out of pipe cleaners!

17. Card Making Craft for Kids

This 3-D DIY flower card craft is perfect for even older kids because pipe cleaner flowers can be simple or ornate.

pipe cleaner crafts-Pipe cleaner and bead snakes - Kids Activities Blog - 3 pipe cleaner snake crafts shown with colorful beads on white background
Let’s make pipe cleaner snakes!

18. Pipe Cleaner and Bead Snake Craft

These pipe cleaner animals are snakes made of beads! How fun…let’s make 20!

pipe cleaner crafts-Encanto Mirabel Madrigal Glasses craft shown finished on white background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make Mirabel Madrigal glasses!

19. Pipe Cleaner Encanto Craft

These cute Mirabel glasses are made out of pipe cleaners! What a great idea for anyone who loves Encanto. This easy craft uses basic supplies and is a simple idea. Use it to look just like Mirabel! This is one of the more fun craft projects for those who love Encanto.

pipe cleaner crafts-bottle cap and pipe cleaner spider craft for kids - Kids Activities Blog - finished pipe cleaner spider on white background
Let’s make pipe cleaner spiders!

20. Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

We love this spider craft for kids year round, but they are especially awesome to make around Halloween. This is a great addition to any bug lesson, story book about spiders, or even Halloween activities. Follow the detailed instructions and you’ll have an adorable pipe cleaner spider!

More Pipe Cleaner Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Looking for more fun pipe cleaner crafts and activities for kids? We’ve got them!

Which pipe cleaner craft do you want to try?

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