20 Totally Awesome Pipe Cleaner Crafts

I absolutely adore pipe cleaner crafts  because of how quickly they can be pulled together and how well they entertain the kiddos.

They do so well, in fact, that I usually get a moment to myself while they play, which is a rarity in this house! Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Another huge bonus is the simplicity of supplies, the same reason we love  Popsicle Stick Crafts — just stock up on one item and you’re good to go!

20 Totally Awesome Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Fine Motor Pipe Cleaner  Activities:

Easy pipe cleaner flowers craft for kids - girl holding a pipe cleaner flower bouquet she made

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Pipe Cleaner Flowers  are amazing because then there is no mess to clean up!

Robot Helmet

Have a strainer in the kitchen? This  Fun Robot Hat  is always a huge hit! ~from The Realistic Mama

Pipe Cleaner Activities For Toddlers

Pushing Pipe Cleaners through a Box  is perfect for entertaining your busy toddler.  ~from Powerful Mothering

How To Make A Toddler Sewing Needle With Pipe Cleaners

Make Your Own  Sewing Needle – Sewing is one of our favorite fine motor activities and how cool is it that you can make the needle with a pipe cleaner! ~from Rainy Day Mum

Pluck It Game

DIY  Pom-pom Pluck  –  pluck the pipe cleaners and don’t be the one to have all the pom-poms plunk on you! ~from The Realistic Mama

Pipe Cleaner Structures

Build with Straws and  Pipe Cleaners  ~from Beauty Through Imperfection

Dress-Up with Pipe Cleaners:

Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

4 DIY Bracelets, with enough different variations every kid will love theirs! ~from The Realistic Mama

Rainbow Pipe Cleaner Bracelet

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s another idea for a  Rainbow Bracelet  ~from Crafts by Amanda

Video: Easy Pipe Cleaner Craft- Make A Crown

Pipe Cleaner Ring With Gems

You can make some super cute Pipe Cleaner Rings  ~from Juggling with Kids. They even have gems!

Pipe Cleaner Disguises

Pipe Cleaner Disguises  – because  what kid wouldn’t love making their own disguise?

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

More Pipe Cleaner Crafts & Activities {That Your Kids Will Love}:

Pipe Cleaner Bee

Clothespin and Pipe Cleaner Bees  – the cutest bees you’ve ever seen!

Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Gorgeous Icicle Ornaments  ~from Happy Hooligans. Make your tree extra festive this year!

Pipe Cleaner Alien Craft

You can’t go wrong with  Pingpong  Ball Monsters  or  Toilet Paper Aliens  ~from Meaningful Mama

Ring Toss Game DIY

Ring Toss Game~from Molly Moo. A Great way to keep kids busy for hours!

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets – these are just awesome ~from Happy Hooligans

Aluminum Foil Sculpture

Easy Aluminum Foil Butterfly –  these bright, shiny butterflies make the best refrigerator magnets ~from I Heart Arts & Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Flowers Bookmark

DIY Flower Bookmarks is the perfect tool to help inspire reading ~from Your Modern Family

More Pipe Cleaner Crafts And Activities From Kids Activities Blog:

Looking for more fun pipe cleaner crafts and activities for kids? We’ve got them!

Like this awesome borax and pipe cleaners science project! You can make your own crystals.

Use pipe cleaners, beads, and googly eyes to make the cutest little snakes.

We have over 30 pipe cleaner ornaments you can make.

Use pipe cleaners to make this lovely laurel wreath.

Make a wooden spoon garden craft using felt, markers, and pipe cleaners.

Learn to read a thermometer using a pipe cleaner!

Which pipe cleaner craft do you want to try? Let us know down below.

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