It’s always hard to tell how our children are going to bond.

Will the first child be jealous of the new one?

Will the new one feel left out?

Siblings are Sweet Together Video - Kids Activities Blog

Will siblings get along?

Will anything we try to do to prepare them for each other make a lick of difference?

My daughter was four when my son was born.

She wanted him to be a living, breathing baby doll, but she was not prepared for the crying or the poopy diapers.

How do you prepare a child for those things?

Still, the first time he flashed that gummy smile at him she was won over. They’ve been besties (for the most part) ever since.

This video makes me smile because it reminds me of that. I’m sure this little girl waited for ages for her little brother to become ‘interesting’.

Babies are so boring at first, right?

But now that they can play, things are so much different.

Take a look!

Sweet Sibling Moment Video

It’s that hug that gets me.

She just seems so genuinely happy to be hugged by him, and he seems so genuinely happy to hug her.

Pure happiness. I don’t know if these two will be besties for life, but I love that for now, at least, they’re definitely loving each other.


Do you see sweet moments like these two shared at your house?

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