This Emu vs. Weasel Ball Tango Is The Video You Never Knew You Always Needed To See

I grew up in Washington State, near Seattle, and walked to school every day. Right across the street from my school was an emu farm. They are weird looking birds. Weird, and funny. These emus would come to the fence and stare at us kids like we were some sort of human zoo exhibit there for their entertainment daily. They’d crane their necks at us, look at us through one gigantic eye, then the other, and line the fence like they couldn’t wait to see what we’d be doing next. It was awesome. So when I saw this video of an emu with a weasel ball, I ‘might’ have already been prepped to think it was funny. But really, though…I think the music cinched it. Take a look!

Okay, so be honest: am I alone in thinking that was hilarious, or was that not one of the funniest things you’ve seen this week? Yeah, yeah, the music did a lot, but even with the volume turned off that was pretty funny. Also, I’m pretty sure I need a weasel ball for my house now.

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