Cats really do like milk.

I know that seems obvious, but sometimes things we say all the time really aren’t as true as you might think…

Cat and milk and cat versus milk video - Kids Activities Blog
Here kitty kitty!

Two Cats Fight Over Milk

Two cats fighting over milk politely is something that just makes me smile…

two cats fighting over milk in a kitchen with plaid floor politely
These two cats are strategically fighting over milk…will it spill?

Cats are strange little creatures.

They want affection, but only so much…too little, and they’ll bite you…too much, and they’ll bite you.

They wake you up if their food dish gets too empty, and too empty is anything from three pieces gone to, well, three pieces gone.

Cats will yowl outside your bedroom door all night long, and then ignore you completely once you check on them. And don’t get me started on opening doors for the little suckers.

Do you want in? Out? In? Out?

It’s like they want to live in a world of perpetual in and out. Like, a cat’s ideal world would be a world where the food is never empty, where we are up with them 24 hours a day, but ignoring them…except to have our hand out so they can pet themselves, and where we are standing at the door to make sure it opens when they want, and opens again when they want.

That’s why this video cracks me up. These cats have both decided the milk is theirs, and instead of drinking it together, they’ve decided to make it their own…take a look!

Two Cats Fighting Over Milk…kinda

You can almost hear them politely, passive-aggressively disagreeing over who owns the milk. It’s adorable! And so very, very cat.

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There are so many ways to celebrate how silly cats are and how they make us laugh!  Here are some fun things you can do at home inspired by cats fighting over milk…

Have you seen cats fight over milk?

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