I love skiing. In fact, just a few weeks ago we were skiing the mountains of Colorado blissfully ignorant that bears even cared.

Bears care about skiers?

bear in the snow looking at the camera - bear chases skier down mountain video - Kids Activities Blog
“I feel like having a little skier for lunch…”

I didn’t think so until I saw this video.

At first you see a skier skiing at a relaxed pace down the hill.

And then you see the bear.

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But I don’t think he saw the bear…until a few moments later.

It is at this point I would have just died of fright frozen on the mountain to be cold bear food.

But this skier is more composed and is able to keep skiing…

Take a look!

Bear Chases Skier Down Mountain Video

Go skier, Go!

And what if you were watching all this from the chairlift?

How comfortable are YOU to get off at the top and ski down?

The nice warm fireplace with some hot cocoa is sounding better and better…


Would you have made it down the mountain if the bear was chasing you?

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