Let’s color some awesome anime coloring pages! I am so excited to be adding a big packet of new anime coloring pages to this article as a result of the popularity of the original color by number anime coloring page still available below. Kids of all ages will love coloring the artistic anime characters.

10 new anime coloring pages pictured with printed pdf files shown on colorful background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color anime coloring pages!

10 Anime Coloring Pages for Kids

We have a big pack of anime coloring pages for kids of all ages. Click on the pink button below to download and print all 10 of these fanciful anime coloring pages:

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Our Set of Anime color pages inCludes

The anime color page set for kids includes 10 new pages each with a different anime scene to color:

  1. Inuyasha Coloring Page – Nuyasha Manga vs Anime
  2. Himuoto Coloring Page – Himuoto is our favorite lazy anime character
  3. Meowth vs Alola Meowth Coloring Page – Pokemon old generation vs new generation
  4. Aang Coloring Page – Looking for bald anime characters?
  5. Shigeo Kageyama Coloring Page – Psychic anime characters
  6. Pharao Atem Coloring Page – Egyptian anime characters
  7. Soul Evans Coloring Page – Anime character with sharp teeth
  8. Kyoko Sakura Coloring Page – favorite female anime character with red hair
  9. Kyubey Coloring Page – Immortal anime character
  10. Rikka Takanashi Coloring Page – Anime character with eyepatch

Anime Coloring Page for Kids

This anime coloring sheet would be the perfect screen-free activity for the kids. They could do this activity during road trips, at restaurants while waiting for the food to come, and so much more. 

Anime Coloring Page for Kids - Color by numbers - printed pdf file shown of anime coloring page
Let’s color this anime coloring page!

Anime Color By Number Coloring Sheet

We have another really fun anime coloring activity today with our color by number free Anime Coloring Page for Kids. Each color is assigned a number and the kids color the section according to the number. In the end, they’ll have a masterpiece that resembles an anime character. Kids of all ages who can identify numbers 1-9 will love the challenge (generally Kindergarten level and above) and this works well at home or in the classroom.

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DOWNLOAD & Print Anime Coloring Page PDF File Here

Click the blue button to get the anime color by number worksheet:

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  1. Great page! My kids will love (they’re telling me that this isn’t anime, though, it’s manga)