Costco Is Selling Dog Toys That Look Like Food From Costco’s Food Court and My Pup Needs Them

If you have a pup that likes to chew on plush dog toys, you’ll want to hit up your local Costco!

Costco is selling a pack of dog toys that look just like food items from the Costco food court. They are ADORABLE!

The pack of four plush dog toys include a pizza, Costco wholesale membership card, a drink and a hot dog. All of them have big cartoon eyes and they are so cute!

They are made by Bark, the makers of BarkBox and are $16 for the pack of four.

If you have a furry friend that would love these, hit up your local Costco to grab them. I am getting some for my pups!

Seriously, these dogs look so happy!!

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