These Oreo Cats Would Make a Fun & Sweet Pink and White Party Treat!

Furry cats that purr may be sweet, but these Oreo Cats are even sweeter. These Oreo cats make a perfect pink and white party food for Valentine’s Day, a pink-themed birthday party or baby shower, or any special occasion for a cat-lover. These cookies would also be super cute for a pet adoption party!

oreo cats

Oreo Cats

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  • Kitchen shears


how to make Oreo cats

Before you begin to decorate your cats, you may need to shave some white chocolate fudge off the edges of the Oreo cookies to make them nice and round. Have a grown-up use a sharp knife to carve off any excess white chocolate fudge.

Use a black food coloring marker to draw the mouth, whiskers, and eyes onto each Oreo Cat.

To make the cat’s ears, use kitchen shears to cut 2 miniature marshmallows into triangles. Use a pink food coloring marker to draw a smaller triangle inside the marshmallow triangle so the ears look more realistic. Attach the ears using a small amount of royal icing or cookie icing.

To make the cat’s nose, cut one pink Starburst Mini in half creating to equal size triangles. Use your fingers to smooth out the cut edge of the triangle. Attach the nose to the Oreo using a small dab of the icing.

Store the cookies in an airtight container for up to a few weeks!

These adorable cats will make great party favors. Just wrap each Oreo Cat in a clear cellophane bag and tie with ribbon to pass out to everyone at your party.

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