We have a collection of the absolutely best puppy chow recipes which are also known as muddy buddies, monkey munch or muddy munch. Puppy chow is the perfect snack anytime we want a sweet treat, yummy snack or special dessert. Here are our favorite puppy chow recipe variations that you have to try!

30 Crazy Good Puppy Chow Recipes - collage of 5 different muddy buddy recipes - Kids Activities Blog - Different puppy chow recipe photos
Let’s make puppy chow aka muddy buddies! Yum!

Best Puppy Chow Snack Recipes

My family LOVES puppy chow. Don’t worry, I don’t mean the kind dog’s eat, not dog food for us, but rather, the super delicious treat! Calling it puppy chow originally stated in the midwestern states of the US, but it is now pretty universally known as puppy chow.

What is Puppy Chow?

Puppy chow is a fancy snack mix that usually consists of a coated Chex cereal (chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch or other candy coating) sprinkled with powdered sugar mixed with other bite size treats like candies, cookie pieces, nuts, marshmallows, chocolate chips and other cereals. All that goodness put together with a stir or a shake and the resulting treat will simply melt in your mouth!

Why is it called puppy chow?

It seems obvious that the reason we call these recipes puppy chow is how closely it resembles dog food! The dog kibble resemblance is enhanced when puppy chow is served in a large bowl that looks like a dog bowl.

Is Muddy Buddies the same as puppy chow?

Yes, puppy chow and muddy buddies can be used interchangeably. Other names include monkey munch, muddy munch or doggy bag.

Puppy chow mix that is like smores, red and white puppy chow, and birthday cake puppy chow.
The s’mores puppy chow recipe is perfect for an anytime snack.

What is puppy chow made of?

Most puppy chow recipes start with a crunchy cereal like Chex (Corn Chex cereal, Wheat Chex cereal or my favorite Rice Chex cereal) and add a flavoring like peanut butter and/or chocolate, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar. Variations to add different types of cereal, candies and different types of flavors like mint.

You can easily make gluten-free versions of puppy chow by choosing a gluten-free cereal and making sure the other ingredients pass as well.

My Favorite Muddy Buddy Recipe

I honestly don’t know which is the best puppy chow recipe! They all are so good…

1. S’mores Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Image shows smores puppy chow recipe on a plate.
Follow this easy and tasty recipe!

Like Mother Like Daughter‘s S’mores muddy buddies are delicious and way less messy and sticky than a regular smore. My children LOVED this one. It’s a fun twist of the traditional muddy buddies recipe and the leftovers were even better the next day after being stored in an airtight container.

2. Birthday Cake Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Sugar cookie puppy chow on a bowl.
Perfect for a birthday breakfast!

This birthday cake cookie puppy chow, from Deliciously Sprinkled, is one of my favorites, and is so festive and fun that it would go great at a birthday party. Sit it in a large bowl or put it in individual baggies, this is sure to please. I mean, powdered sugar is always the best, eh?

3. Nutella Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Image shows a nutella puppy chow on a pink bowl with some left over on the table.
Great for everyone that loves Nutella!

If you’re crazy about Nutella like I am then you are going to love this recipe, from Belle of the Kitchen. Nutella muddy buddies are sweet, chocolatey, and nutty! All you need is a half cup butter, Nutella, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and General Mills Chex Cereal all mixed in a large bowl! This chocolate peanut butter mixture, ahem, I mean nutella mixture is sure to please!

4. Charlie Brown Mix Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Puppy chow inspired by Charlie Brown with chocolate on top and some left over on the table.
Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown?!

I can’t wait to kick back and watch some Charlie Brown with my kiddo this weekend, while eating Totally the Bomb‘s Charlie Brown mix! This Charlie brown mix has traditional puppy chow, yellow M&M’s, and zig zag chocolate pieces! You’ll need to make the chocolate zig zags using a plastic bag and parchment paper.

5. Brownie Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Image shows a brownie batter puppy on a bowl.
Brownie lovers will love this recipe so much!

Double up on the chocolate with this brownie muddy buddies from Fresh April Flours. This chocolate mixture is so good! But don’t worry it’s not too sweet. It has sugar and semi-sweet chocolate chips, but the unsweetened cocoa powder helps even it out. This sweet cereal mixture is sure to please.

6. Fun Muddy Buddies Flavors Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Image shows a lime muddy puppy chow recipe on a white bowl.
Green is such a tasty color, don’t you think?

Welcome summer with Totally the Bomb‘s lime muddy buddies! This is one of the fun muddy buddies flavors I was talking about. It is sweet, crunchy, and tart, perfect for a summer treat. You don’t need milk chocolate or semisweet chocolate chips for this one! It uses white chocolate instead!

Good puppy chow recipes made after butterfinger bar, snickers bar, reeses, and heath bars.
These candy bar puppy chow recipes are ridiculously delicious!

7. Salted Caramel Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Salted caramel puppy chow on a plate.
Salted caramel is always a good choice.

Don’t wait for Fall to make The Cookie Rookie‘s yummy salted caramel puppy chow – it’s so good! Salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors. Don’t worry, it’s a simple recipe, you don’t have to make your own caramel or anything.

8. Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Muddy buddies puppy chow recipe with reese's bag on the background.
Love Reese’s? This recipe is for you!

Peanut butter lovers! Here is an amazing peanut butter muddy buddies, from Dessert Now Dinner Later, that you will adore. Creamy peanut butter and chocolate are the best mixture.

9. Heath Muddy Buddy Mix Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Chocolate heath muddy buddies puppy chow on a red bowl with a chocolate bar next to it.
Another good recipe for chocolate lovers!

If Reese’s aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll like Your Cup of Cake‘s Heath muddy buddy mix. This Heath muddy buddy mix is crunchy, sweet, and buttery. It has always been one of my favorite candy bar.

10. Melted Snickers Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Snickers muddy buddies on a table with Snickers chocolate bars next to it.
Get your Snickers!

Not a fan of the Heath muddy buddy mix? Then maybe you’ll love this melted snickers puppy chow from Chef In Training. Caramel, peanuts, chocolates, it’s perfect! Don’t worry, it’s and easy puppy chow recipe that you can use rice cereal or corn Chex in.

11. Butterfinger Puppy Chow Desserts Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Closeup of Butterfinger puppy chow on a bowl.
Butterfinger chocolate bars are a must-have!

Just in case….You can also make A Latte Food‘s Butterfinger puppy chow desserts. Peanut butter, chocolate, and butterfingers, my mouth is watering already!

12. Captain Crunch Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Puppy chow on a paper bag with some leftover.
Try this simple puppy chow recipe!

Try this Captain Crunch puppy chow, from With Salt and Wit. Yum! Add peanut butter peanut butter cereal, peanut butter chips, chocolate, and powdered sugar! A sweet cereal mix.

13. Bubble Gum Puppy Dog Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Bubblegum puppy chow on a bowl.
Bubblegum flavor sounds a bit strange for puppy chow, but it’s actually super tasty.

Baking Beauty‘s bubble gum puppy dog chow sounds like fun – don’t worry, no gum is in the actual recipe! Just the nostalgic delicious flavor of bubble gum.

Holiday puppy chow recipe variations: Christmas puppy chow recipe or reindeer chow, Easter puppy chow recipe, Valentines puppy chow recipe, Halloween or fall puppy chow recipe and St Patricks Day puppy chow recipe
A puppy chow recipe for every season and holiday!

How to Make Puppy Chow

14. Puppy Chow Eggnog Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Eggnog puppy chow served in two glasses with cinnamon.
Eggnog is such a festive flavor!

Don’t wait for Christmas to have eggnog, make Puppy Chow Eggnog snack, from Wine and Glue. Be festive all year round!

15. Mocha Cappuccino Mix Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Mocha cappuccino puppy chow served on a white bowl.
Mocha cappuccino is a great puppy chow flavor!

This mocha cappuccino mix, from Inside Bru Crew Life,  sounds incredible – I can’t wait to try it! Mocha is one of the best combinations to me. It’s coffee, which is life juice, and chocolate, who could want anything more?

16. Lemon Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Lemon muddy buddies on a yellow bowl with a lemon next to it.
Citrus fans will love this recipe!

If you want to stay away from Chocolate, try these lemon muddy buddies, from A Few Shortcuts. I love how sweet they are and the fresh citrus taste. It almost reminds me of the flavor of lemon cake.

17. Root Beer Puppy Chow Mix Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Root beer float muddy buddies on a yellow bowl with puppy chow on a table and a root beer can behind it.
Try this unique flavor!

Wow, there is even a root beer puppy chow mix mix! I can’t wait to make this recipe, from Tasty Kitchen. It tastes like a root beer float! So good!

18. Orange Creamsicle Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Orange creamsicle puppy chow in a muffin cup with candies next to them.
What a sweet and delicious flavor!

The Gunny Sack’s orange creamsicle muddy buddies mix sounds like a fun summertime mix. Creamy, citrusy, and delicious. I am very excited to try this. Link no longer available.

19. Pink Lemonade Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - pink lemonade muddy buddies Puppy chow
Let’s make pink lemonade muddy buddies!

Also fun for summer is this pink lemonade puppy muddy buddies, from Something Swanky. It’s bright, tangy, and sweet. The perfect summer snack!

20. Samoa Cereal Treat Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Samoa muddy buddies in a blue bowl.
Here’s another recipe for chocolate lovers!

Your Cup of Cake‘s Girl Scout cookie inspired Samoa cereal treat are to die for. So good! Now I can enjoy Samoa’s even when I can’t get my hands on them!

21. Mint Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Thin mint puppy chow on several bowls.
This recipe is one of our favorite ones.

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies, here is another one! Shugary Sweets Mint Muddy Buddies is the best! They taste almost as good as Thin Mints.

puppy chow for the holidays like thanksgiving, Christmas, easter, fall
Oh how I love puppy chow!

Holiday Puppy Chow Recipe Ideas

22. Red Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Red velvet puppy chow with m&ms on a white bowl.
This is the perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day.

Treat your Valentine to Your Cup of Cake‘s Red Puppy Chow! It tastes just like red velvet cake! Which I might add, is my favorite type of cake!

23. Mardi Gras Dog Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Mardi gras-inspired muddy buddies on a bowl and on the table.
This mardi gras-inspired puppy chow is super tasty!

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Totally the Bomb‘s Mardi Gras dog chow recipe. It’s purple, green, and gold! Perfect for celebrating Mardi Gras. The chocolate pretzels you’ll either have to heat up in a microwave-safe bowl, or lay on a baking sheet and heat up in the oven.

24. St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - St. Patrick's day inspired puppy chow on a St' Patrick's day-themed mug.
Great idea for St. Patrick’s day!

Appreciate the luck of the Irish with this tasty St. Patrick’s Day puppy chow, from Gal On A Mission. While this seems like traditional puppy chow it has a fun twist. It is minty!

25. Easter Muddy Buddies Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Image shows an easter-inspired muddy buddies bowl with a purple with polka dots napkin.
Try this recipe for next Easter.

Whip up a batch of Frugal Momeh!‘s Easter muddy buddies while you wait for the bunny! This is pretty and delicious. I love the pastel and bright colors of the candy and puppy chow.

26. Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Pumpkin spice puppy chow with pumpkin candies recipe on a bowl.
Here’s a great recipe for Fall season.

Pumpkin Spice all thing things… including this pumpkin spice puppy chow recipe, with this delicious idea from Sally’s Baking Addiction. The best part is it includes mallowcreme pumpkins.

27. Pumpkin Pie Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Pumpkin pie puppy chow recipe with m&ms on a bowl and some left over on the table.
Add some m&m’s for extra sweetness.

Still craving pumpkin? Try this pumpkin pie chow, from Sweet Pennies from Heaven. Now you can enjoy the flavor of pumpkin pie all year long! It’s a fun snack with a taste of fall.

28. Christmas Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Christmas-inspired puppy chow on a red bowl.
Christmas is going to be amazing with this recipe!

Cookies aren’t the only thing Santa loves… try this yummy Christmas Puppy Chow, from Lil Luna. It is traditional puppy chow with holiday M&M’s making it a festive treat. My family also called this Reindeer chow and we’d leave some out for Santa’s reindeer.

29. Peppermint Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Candy cane peppermint puppy chow recipe on a red and white striped bowl.
This puppy chow tastes just like candy canes!

Daily Dish Recipespeppermint puppy chow is a great addition to cookie platters to hand out to friends and family for the holidays! Sweet, minty, festive, plus it is white and red!

30. Christmas Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow Recipes - Gingerbread puppy chow on a green bowl with gingerbread cake box and Hershey's bar on the background.
Here’s another delicious recipe for the Christmas season.

Gingerbread screams Christmas to me. If you love gingerbread then you’ll love Dessert Now Dinner Later‘s Christmas puppy chow recipe while you decorate your gingerbread house.

Storing a Recipe for Puppy Chow

It never lasts very long in my house. However, I have always made traditional puppy chow.

And as long as you keep in in an airtight container and at least room temperature it’ll stay good for a hot minute, if it lasts that long. If you have a very dense recipe that doesn’t dry completely, you may want to place it in the fridge if you have leftovers!

How long does puppy chow last?

You can store most puppy chow recipe leftovers for up to a week at room temperature in an airtight container. You can also freeze your finished muddy buddy recipe once it is cooled for up to 3 months.

More Delicious Snack Recipes From Kids Activities Blog

We love muddy buddy recipes, but we have another great recipe for you to try! Choose any of these easy recipes that use simple ingredients down below!

  • Move over cereal squares, this sweet Shark Bait Snack Mix uses butter flavored puff corn! What a sweet snack your kids will love.
  • Crockpot Trail Mix is delicious, savory, and sweet! Rice Chex Mix, Cheerios, and a couple other ingredients added in the crockpot with seasoning makes this one of the easiest recipes!
  • Red, white, and blue trail mix is sweet treat. Cover the crispy rice squares in melted chocolate! We used white chocolate chips of course, but then add fruit and M&Ms.
  • Kids toasted trail mix has cups of Chex, pretzels, Triscuits, and peanuts. Don’t worry, they’re whole peanuts, no needing to mess with any sticky peanut butter mixture or anything.
  • Make this Trail Mix for kids using this classic recipe. This is the original recipe that uses things like dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips.
  • Are you looking for more recipes? We have so many different sweet treats ideas you will love!

Which of the puppy chow recipes are you going to make first? Did we miss a favorite puppy chow recipe that you love? <–Please add it in the comments below!

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