This Cheetah Is Purring While Meerkats Attack Him! [Video]

8Best thing about being young is not knowing when people aren’t being kind.

Things that would bother adults fly over the heads of youngsters, and that is amazing.

Meerkat attacks purring cheetah video - Kids Activities blog
I look so cute…

Turns out, this is not just a human trait.

screenshot from cheetah video of cheetah sitting by fence
It was just a normal day…

This young cheetah loves the meerkats at his sanctuary.

The meerkats do not feel the same about him.

screenshot from cheetah video of meerkats and cheetah
We live next to each other in harmony?

Apparently meerkats are persnickety about whom and what they like, and will attack those they do not like.

screenshot from cheetah video of a meerkat in a lap of a caregiver
But I am so cute…

So when young Kinji decided he wanted to spend some time with these creatures, he rubbed up against their enclosure.

The meerkats were not as receptive toward this show of attention and decided to attack.

screenshot of cheetah video of meerkats attacking through the fence

Literally, the cutest attack ever.

screenshot of cheetah meerkat video of two holding hands
But I looooooove you.

But since the young don’t understand the idea that someone might not like them, Kinji started purring, happy for the attention!

Take a look!

Meerkat Attacks Purring Cheetah Video

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