Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows there is nothing worse, and/or funny than trying to give one a bath.

cat saying no to a bath video - funny cat video of cat avoiding a bath
Cats just say “no!” to baths!

It’s like from the moment they are born there is something written in their DNA that says, “Baths are bad, m’kay?” And that sticks with them.

Cats Saying No to a Bath [Video]

With my two not-so-little-anymore kittens, I tried to get them started early…thinking that would change how they view baths.


Not so much.

They still acted as if I was trying to murder them slowly…with soap bubbles.

And as pitiful as it is to hear them yowling, it’s also one of the funniest things in the world.

For one, they just look so hilarious after they are soaked.

For another, they sulk in a way only cats can.

Take a look!

Hilarious, right?

Not that I ever want cats to feel traumatized or anything, but this is perceived trauma.

There’s no actual harm happening to these animals.

It’s like when I try to get my kids to eat vegetables, or go to their room when they’re in trouble.

Nothing truly bad is happening and yet, boy howdy does it sound like it from the outside!

Cats and kids, man.

Funny, funny creatures.

Want to see more cats in bath videos?

When cats REALLY don’t want to take a bath

This one makes me giggle because cats can stretch REALLY long to avoid any type of wetness!

More Bath-hating cats avoiding the entire situation

The cat screams! OMG!

Oh, the fun and laughter that this “pain” can cause! I hope your day is going better than the cats…because of the cats!

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