Love doing simple crafts with your kids? These easy crafts are simple enough to do with preschoolers and kindergarteners, but creative and fun for older kids and adults. All of these easy crafts for kids are budget friendly too! Try making these easy craft ideas with household items at home or in the classroom.

Simple & easy crafts for kids - Kids Activities Blog feature - collage of easy craft ideas for kids of all ages and adults too that can be made with 2-3 things like bracelets, wall hangings, robot craft and tin foil art
There are Easy crafts for kids for everyone!

Easy Crafts For Kids of All Ages + Adults

Sometimes you want to craft with your kids without making an extra trip to the store for lots of random supplies.

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These easy crafts are perfect! You can do all of them with under 3 ingredients or craft supplies.

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Simple Crafts For Kids With Minimal Supplies

Plus, many of these crafts are a great way to use up stuff you have around the house like paper plates, pom poms, acrylic paint, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, embroidery floss, polymer clay, hot glue, really anything!

Younger kids, little kids, big kids, everyone will enjoy these simple ideas because all of these simple ideas are easy peasy! Time to get crafting!

Super Easy and Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Breezy DIY Bracelet Craft For Kids

Wide craft sticks and colorful thread are all you need to make these fun bangles.

2. Easy Sewing Printable Bunny Template

Cardboard and colorful shoe laces, or even yarn, are great for kids to practice sewing and develop their fine motor skills.  You can get the sewing card template in the post!

3. Simple DIY Suncatcher Craft

Sticky clear contact paper and colorful bits of plastic or even tissue paper are all you need to make gorgeous suncatchers!

4. Effortless Robot Puppet Craft

Robots!  They are fun and capture the imagination like none other!!  These paper robot puppets are super easy to make with some grommets! Don’t have grommets? Use yarn to knot the pieces together!

5. Video: Make Fun Salt Art Trouble-Free

Simple Crafts For Kids

6. Easy Tin Art

All you need is foil, permanent markers and regular glue to make these brilliant works of art! The foil really helps the marker standout!

7. How To Use Old Crayons the Painless Way

Bring new life to old crayons – create crayon wands by melting down your crayon bits and pieces! Pour the wax into straws. Genius!

8. Simple Glue Painting Craft

Paint on wet glue! It dries into a glossy disc that is perfect as an ornament or even a coaster! All you need is school glue, food dye and an old lid.

Easy Play Recipes For Kids

9. Quick Moon Sand Craft

moonsand recipe for kids, blue, yellow, and pink moon sand in white cups
This moon sand is easy to make an even more fun to play.

Moon sand is better than playdough! It is squishy and has a bouncy texture. So, so soft!! You will love this recipe to make you own moon sand! We make ours with only cornstarch and oil!

10. Effortless Kinetic Sand Craft

Want something similar? You can make kinetic sand using play sand and a batch of slime. This stuff is super cool!

Super Simple Crafts with 2-3 Supplies

Crafts to make with home supplies like a sand vase, diy suncatcher, tie dye
Try out these super easy tie dye crafts for kids.

11. Stained Glass Art the Straightforward Way

Clear glue, food coloring and a frame are all you need to create this stained glass art! The colors are so brilliant! It looks great in a sunny window!

12. Calm Sugar Scrub Rainbow Craft

Bring out the color! Make a sugar scrub rainbow that will liven up any dreary day!! All you need is sugar, oil and food coloring (essential oils are optional).

13. Easy Tie Dye Crafts

Tie dye is great fun! You don’t need t-shirts and permanent dye to enjoy the process! Try crafting with only diaper wipes and washable markers. This is a less mess, but all the fun project.

14. Relaxed Stamp Crafts For Kids

stamped cards kids can make from blocks, red and green on paper
Easy simple art made from wooden blocks and paint.

Make block stamps! These are a blast to learn about forming patterns!

15. Simple Henna Hand Art

Love fake tattoos? Our kids love decorating themselves!  You can do something similar with gel pens. Decorate yourself. To make it into a “tattoo” cover your arm art with a fine layer of hairspray!

Easy Arts and Craft Ideas

simple craft ideas with household items like this spinning rainbow art, diy lava lamp, diy playdough, and origami.
I love all of these simple crafts with household items.

16. Craft String Crafts that are Uncomplicated

Get to spinning! This is a fun kids craft that will help with hand-eye coordination, and the colors are just mesmerizing! All you need is paper, markers and string!

17. How To Make A Lava Lamp Effortlessly

Lava lamps are a blast to watch. You can make your own lava lamp using oil, water and an food coloring. Shake and watch the colored blobs move around. Just gorgeous to watch!

18. Easy Chalk Rock Craft

Crafty chalk rocks! These are fun and easy to make. All you need is some plaster of Paris and food dye! We made a collection that the kids used up in a weekend they crafted and colored with their rocks non-stop!

19. Quick & Easy Butterfly Mask Craft

silly animal mask for kids with a purple, pink, and green butterfly mask
Simple and easy masks for kids like this butterfly mask.

Pretend play is so much fun! It opens whole  worlds of fun! Make a mask with foam sheets! You can be anything you want to be!

20. Quick Arts & Crafts for Kids

Crafts for less: using old crayons for melting crayon art, weaving with straws, and diy bracelets.
Look how colorful the crayon art is!

Looking for more craft ideas? We have literally hundreds of other projects you can do with your kids. Check out this list that is updated almost daily of 5-minute crafts!

21. Oh so Simple Melting Crayons Craft

Melting crayons! The finished craft project looks absolutely amazing!! Your kids will love watching the crayons drip as you make these together. All you need are crayons, paper and a hair dryer!

22. Easy Jewelry Crafts For Kids

You can transform water bottles into wearable art using markers! These bangles are a mix between jewelry and art – and  are super fun. Your kids won’t be able to make just one or even five!!

23. Weaving Using Straws Child’s Play

Knitting does not need to be hard or complicated! Teach yourself how to knit, using straws as your “frame”. Your kids can craft with only two supplies!

More Fun And Easy Kids Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Which fun and easy craft are you going to try? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I absolutely hate it when I see a cute craft and it takes specialty supplies that I have to order ahead of time. This mom is not that prepared, lol! Your list of easy craft ideas is exactly what I need!

  2. Yes! I love that these easy craft ideas can be done quickly, using (and repurposing) items from around the house! I always tell people you don’t have to spend a ton as a crafter… you just have to be crafty with what you have!

  3. For rainy days or just for fun, easy crafts are always welcome. I’m looking forward to trying some of these out with the whole family.

  4. I never say no to more easy craft ideas. I always try and put together a list of crafts to do over summer break with my boys. My boys will be so excited to make their own robot!

  5. Always looking for an easy crafts list – and these are so fun and colorful they would work for adults, teens or younger kids. So much fun!