DIY Kids Crafts  can be a lot of fun to create.  They can also be really complicated!  We love crafting with our kids and really enjoy finding ideas for DIY that are easy to share with them.  The easier, the better! Our best blog feature we shared with you this morning, Rockabye Butterfly, is helping us get started by sharing a few easy DIY Kids Crafts. 5 Easy DIY Kids Crafts

 5 Easy DIY Kids Crafts

1.  Melted Crayon Antlers  – We’ve seen the melting crayon craft before, but this is a bit more fun, turning crayons into reindeer antlers.  Try making other animals, too! 2.  Noodle Necklaces  – Create a colorful pasta necklace by dying dry noodles your favorite color.  Mix your favorite colors in a ziploc baggie and add rubbing alcohol.  Shake the noodles in the bag and then allow them to dry before crafting. 3.  Sunflower Craft  – Create a sunflower by painting a paper plate green and cutting petals out of yellow construction paper.  Attach them together and then glue real sunflower seeds in the middle. 4.  Rainbow  Craft – Make your own rainbow by dying popsicle or craft sticks all the colors of the rainbow – ROYGBIV.  Glue them in order onto construction paper and then use cotton balls as clouds. 5.  Button Board  – Attach some buttons to a board and cover it with cloth.  Then make a few shapes with felt and cut a slit in the middle to make a fun busy board. Thank you for sharing these with us today, Rockabye Butterfly!

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