Easy Craft: Make Block Stamps

Do your kids love crafts?  Mine do!  And I had a big batch of notes to write, long overdue!  And no cards.  Time for a kids craft.  In the past we have made our own cards with scratch-n-sniff paint.  That was fun, but it’s time to try something new – well new to us!  We made  stamps from foam – to print cards together.

Easy and fun.  This is not “original” – check out another example of blocks – her block patterns are simply gorgeous!

stamped cards2 small2

How to make a foam stamp

Supplies Needed:

  • Foam Sheet with a sticky side
  • Paint (Satin sheen looks GREAT)
  • Scissors
  • Old Toy Block
  • Cardstock Paper

How to make a stamp for kids

Make Block Stamps

Cut lots of little strips from your block.  Lay them over your block in a diagonal fashion if you want the “Chevron” look.  You can also make plaid with stripes.  The sky is the limit!

Lay your strip over the block and “pinch” it where the overlap goes over the edge of the block.  This will be your “cut line”.  Cut along the crease with your scissors.  Remove the backing to the strips and lay them over the block.

Dip the foam covered block lightly in paint and press it on your cardstock paper.  Viola!

use foam paper to make a stamp

Repeat with a variety of patterns to create the design that your cards will have.  It might be fun, try overlapping a variety of colors.  We loved the look of the neon yellow covered by neon pink.  Gorgeous!

diy stamp block

This is a great craft activity for an older elementary aged kiddo or tween.  They can use the cards for invitations to slumber parties or pool parties!   Or maybe you will be like me and steal the cards for a belated thank you.

Like this craft and have leftover bits of foam?  Try making one of these crafty cupcake owls – CUTE!