These clothes pin crafts are so much fun and a great idea to use up some crafting supplies. Most of these clothes pin kids’ crafts are easy peasy, so older kids and little kids will both love each little project. There is a perfect craft for everyone full of their favorite colors, bright colors, a dab of glue, and of course each one will use clothespins.

25 Wooden Clothespin Crafts, Activities & Ideas- lock clips, animal clips, car clips, butterfly clips, paper clips, airplane clips, dinosaur clips, safari animal clips

Fun and Easy Clothes Pin Crafts

There are so many clothespin crafts out there, I would need a week to put them all together for you! Instead, I’ve picked twenty five ideas that your kids will love. In here you will find clothespin art activities, animal crafts made from clothespins, and ways to decorate clothespins and make useful clips and magnets.

So grab your pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and of course clothes pins. If you don’t have them, you can easily pick them up a craft store.

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Wooden Clothespin Crafts

You can find wooden clothespins at the dollar store and at discount department stores. You get a whole bunch and they are very inexpensive. A fun way to create things with your kids!

Wooden Clothespin Crafts, Activities & Ideas- safari animal clips, bug clips, butterfly clips, bird nest clips, caterpillar clips, sheep clips, porcupine clips, birds on a line clips

Clothespin Animals Crafts

1. Cute and Easy Alligator Clothespin Craft

How cute are these little clothespin alligators? They’re so cute with their pointy teeth and wiggly eyes. Who says alligators can’t be cute animals?

2. Cupcake Linter Butterfly Clothespin Craft

Make a colorful butterfly using cupcake liners, glue, glitter, and of course clothespins. This clothespin craft is perfect for kids in elementary school. Who knew you could make a Cupcake Liner Butterfly? This is such a fun butterfly craft.

3. Easy and Colorful Clothespin Dragonfly Craft

Make a clothespin Dragonfly! It doesn’t require a ton of craft supplies, and it is so easy! Bust out stickers, paint, and even sparkles and buttons! Love these cute clothespin crafts.

Crocodile Clothespin Craft- Kids Activities Blog- Green crocodile clothespin with pink mouth, googly eyes, and sharp teeth on a felt pin with felt flowers that are pink
How cute is this crocodile clothespin craft?

4. Extra Large Clothespin Crocodile Craft

Want something a little more impressive? Then check out these extra large crocodile clothespin crafts. They have big eyes and big teeth! All you need is felt, glue and a large clothespin.

5. Noah’s Ark Clothespin Craft

Noah’s Ark had a lot of animals on it! Two of every kind in fact, and now you can make animals to put on Noah’s Ark like: lions, penguins, giraffes, birds, and even snakes made from beads. This clothespin craft is educational and fun!

6. Cute and Soft Clothespin Lamb Craft

Whether you’re helping Mary out (Mary had a little lamb after all) or just making a clothespin Lamb for fun, you’ll love this craft. It’s so easy, fun to do, and great fine motor skill practice for younger children.

7. Video: Clothes Pin Animals Craft

8. Super Simple Clothespin Hedgehog Craft

How cute is this clothespin Hedgehog? The clothespins act as it’s quills! And you can give the hedgehog a smile or make it colorful! This clothes pin craft is so simple.

9. Fun and Easy Birds On A Brach Clothespin Craft

Clothespin Birds on a Branch is such a unique craft! The birds, which are made from clothes pins have feathers! Use a dowel rod for the branch.

Super Simple and Useful Clothespin Crafts

Wooden Clothespin Crafts, Activities & Ideas- locker clip, animal clip, safari animal clip, ant clip, flower clips

10. Zoo Animal Clothespin Magnet Craft

These Zoo Animal Clothespin Magnets magnets are so cute! And perfect for the fridge to keep everyone’s notes and pictures in plain site. I love these! You can make a lion, giraffe, elephant, zebra, or even a hippo!

11. Zebra and Hippo Clothespin Magnet Craft

Speaking of Zebra & Hippo Magnets, you will love these ones! They’re so cute, and pretty easy to make. This clothespin craft is probably best for elementary aged kids though.

Colorful crazy clothes pin locker clips craft- kids activities blog- clothespin magnets with polka dots, zig zags, stripes, and tiger stripes
Make your locker look awesome!

12. Colorful and Crazy Clothespin Locker Clips Craft

Grab your paint pens, wooden clothes pins, and magnetic tape to make these Locker Clips. This will help your teen keep their lockers in order with notes, pictures, and even homework.

13. Pom Pom Clothes Pin Ant Chip Clip Craft

Y’all! These clothes pin ant crafts are so cute, and would be perfect around Halloween or the Spring. Grab your paint, clothes pins, pom poms, and pipe cleaners. You could make red ants, black ants, you could probably also turn this clothes pin craft into a spider chip clip as well.

14. Recycled Denim Flower Clothespin Magnet Craft

Interested in these Recycled Denim Flower Magnets? You should be! They’re so cute and easy to make. All you need is paint, clothes pins, magnets, glue, felt, and scissors.

Wooden Clothespin Crafts, Activities & Ideas- fishing line clip, car clip, airplane clip, fish clip, dinosaur clip, shark clip

Fun and Creative Clothespin Toy Crafts

15. Super Fun Magnetic Fishing Game Craft

Check out this Magnetic Fishing Game! It’s so cool! And even easier to make! All you need is a couple items like paint, clothespins, magnets, a dowel, and some string!

16. Fast Clothespin Racers Craft

Zoom off with these clothespin racers! If you child loves toy cars then they will love these Clothespin Racers.

17. Soar High With This Clothespin Airplanes Craft

Soar through the sky like a bird with this clothespin airplane craft. Not only is are these Clothespin Airplanes fun to make, but promotes pretend play as well.

18. Very Hungry Fish Toy Craft

This Clothespin Hungry Fish is super hungry! Feed them little fishes by opening and closing their mouths. Which is simple to do since they’re made of clothespins.

19. Clothespin Dinosaur Puppet Craft

ROAR! Pretend to be a dinosaur with these Clothespin Dinosaurs that can be used as a puppet. You can make a velociraptor, a tyrannosaurus, a triceratops, and a brachiosaurus! Love this clothespin dinosaur craft!

20. Hungry Clothespin Shark Craft

Fish aren’t the only ones who are hungry! Don’t forget to feed the sharks too! Which you can with this clothespin shark toy craft.

21. Super Cute Clothespin Dolls Craft

How cute are these clothes pin crafts? I love these clothespin dolls. You can make your whole family, friends, or make them look however you want!

Wooden Clothespin Crafts, Activities & Ideas- decorated clips, art holder clips, sponge painting clips, flower clips

Creative and Colorful Clothespin Art Activities

22. Clothes Pin Art Center Craft

This is more of a craft for mom I think. But you can make the Clothespin Art Center using clothes pins to keep crafting notes and pictures your kids drew for you. It’s a good way to free up some space on the refrigerator.

23. Painting With Clothes Pins Craft

Painting With Clothespins is perfect for toddlers. Toddlers aren’t necessarily ready for paint brushes, so using a sponge, clothespins is a great way to paint, and explore colors while practicing fine motor skills.

24. Clothespin Flower Color Matching Craft

This Clothespin Color Matching is fun to make, and even more fun to play. Make colorful flowers to stick to your clothes pins and then match them by flowers and colors. This is a great educational craft.

Art on a clothes pin- kids activities blog- clothespin colored in all colors with polka dots, zig zags, and stripes
Look how colorful and fun this clothespin art is!

25. Art On A Clothespin Craft

Get colorful with this clothespin art! Add stripes, polka dots, zig zags, and all the colors you have! it’s such a fun craft, perfect for younger children.

26. Clothespin Wreaths Craft

Did you know you can use clothespins to make a wreath? You can! And it’s super cute! And you can make it for every day use, seasonal use, or even for the holidays. Take a look at this clothespin Christmas wreath!

Remember to grab a bag of wooden clothespins next time you are in the store. You never know what you might make with them. Happy creating and have fun!

A Wide Variety Of Clothespins To Choose From

Forget the clothespins? No worries! We got you covered!

More Clothes Pin Crafts From Kids Activities Blog:

Which clothespin craft did you try? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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