We have so many fantastic toilet paper roll crafts for you today! These toilet paper roll crafts are perfect for kids of all ages. From toddlers, to preschoolers, even elementary aged kids, there is a toilet roll craft for everyone. Plus, these paper roll crafts are budget-friendly. Perfect crafts for at home or in the classroom!

25 {Amazing} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - hot rod craft- fairy house craft- octopus craft- binocular craft- giraffe craft- sheep craft- bunny craft- game craft- wreath craft

How cute are all of these toilet paper roll crafts?

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I bet you never realized how many things you could create from that simple piece of cardboard. We’re about to show you how creative you can get!

These toilet paper roll crafts are great for kids of all ages and most of them use the simplest of craft supplies. Most of the art supplies you’ll have at home! We’ll be using things like felt, cotton balls, pom poms, tape, glue, construction paper, and ribbon…as well as a few other things.

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{Amazing} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

1. Sesame Street Toilet Paper Roll Character Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- cookie monster and Elmo craft made with toilet paper rolls and paper
Use toilet paper rolls to make Cookie Monster and Elmo!

Create your own Sesame Street characters to play with like these from Love and Marriage.

2. Fall Apple Tree Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- cardboard roll tree stump with green tissue paper and red apples
Use cardboard rolls to make an apple tree.

Add green tissue paper to an empty toilet paper roll and make a fall apple tree! From Reading Confetti.

3. Miniature Fairy House Village Tissue Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- green and pink toilet paper roll village with glitter windows
Promote pretend play with this toilet paper roll village.

Make a miniature fairy house village like this one from Red Ted Art.

4. DIY Maracas Cardboard Tube Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- DIY maracas with paper towel rod and plastic jugs
Make all the music using Paper Towel Rolls and Plastic jugs!

Toilet paper rolls can even make music! Here is how to use them to make a set of maracas. at Kids Activities Blog.

5. Figures On A Llama Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Give your figurines a ride on a llama! You can watch the how-to video from Artistry Ladybug.

6. Over 50+ Crafts To Do With Your Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper roll crafts- Text: toilet paper roll crafts (get 50+ great ideas!)- fish, batman, flowers, mermaids, owls, ninja turtles, poinsettias, unicorn, racecars, party popper, stackables, pirates
There are so many great crafts to choose from!

Here is a list of over 50 things you can do with your empty TP rolls. From Modge Podge Rocks.

7. Nerf Gun Tissue Paper Craft and Activity

Toilet paper roll crafts- nerf gun target practice with buckets and toilet paper rolls
Brilliant! Use toilet paper rolls as nerf gun target practice!

Get your Nerf guns out and have target practice using TP rolls as the target, from Kids Activities Blog.

Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

8. Festive Wreath Craft Using Cardboard Tubes and Paper Plates

Toilet paper roll crafts- green and red toilet paper roll paper plate wreath
You can use toilet paper rolls to make a Christmas wreath.

Create a festive wreath for any occasion with a paper plate and a TP roll. From Reading Confetti.

9. Easter Egg Aliens Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper roll crafts- green egg and toilet paper roll to make Toy Story alien toy
Use easter eggs and toilet paper rolls to make a toy story alien!

Turn your Easter eggs into aliens by making them this body made from a toilet paper roll from Sub Merryn.

10. Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Binocular Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- rudolph with cardboard roll and antlers with ribbons that are silver and red
Use toilet paper rolls and cardboard to make rudolph!

Perfect for Valentines Day, make these adorable heart-shaped binoculars from Crafty Morning.

11. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Tissue Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- Rudolph made with toilet paper roll, pom poms, and twigs on a yellow background
You can make Rudolph using toilet paper rolls and twigs.

Make your own Rudolph reindeer for Christmastime at Kids Activities Blog.

12. Halloween Party Décor Using Cardboard Tubes

Toilet paper roll crafts- jack o lantern, mummy, and Frankenstein toilet paper roll napkin rings
Use toilet paper rolls to make festive napkin rings!

Perfect for a Halloween party, these googly eye napkin rings are adorable! From My Frugal Halloween.

Automobile Paper Roll Crafts

13. Toilet Paper Roll Jet Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- toilet paper roll, paper, foam, and plastic to make a red and blue rocket
Make a rocket using a toilet paper roll!

This toilet paper roll jet is a really fun project for a little boy! From Crafty Crafters.

14. Shiny Rocket Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- yellow, orange, and silver toilet paper rocket
Make a shiny rocket!

Make a shiny rocket with a TP roll and tin foil. From Sassy Dealz.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Hot Rods Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- 3 cardboard tube race cards with lid tires and colored with markers
Get ready to race with these cardboard tube cards!

These hot rods from A Little Pinch of Perfect are incredible. Make a whole racing team! 

Animal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

16. Cute Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- giraffe toilet paper roll craft with cloth, googly eyes, and yarn
How awesome is this cardboard tube giraffe?

Create this cool giraffe! You can find the instructions here at Easy Preschool Craft.

17. Cardboard Tube Octopus Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- blue and purple cardboard tube toilet paper roll
Make your very own octopus!

Easily create an octopus with just a little paint and a toilet paper roll at Kids Activities Blog.

18. Toilet Paper Tube Bunny Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- bunny tissue box holder using cardboard tubes, ears, glitter, and cotton balls
Make this super cute bunny tissue holder!

Turn a tissue box and a toilet paper roll into a bunny! From Hands on As We Grow.

19. Super Cute Toilet Paper Roll Sheep Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- toilet paper roll tube sheet with stick legs and cotton ball wool
These sheep have wool!

If you’re anxious for Spring, make these adorable sheep by covering a TP roll with cotton balls. From Red Ted Art.

20. Adorable Penguin Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- black and white toilet paper roll penguins with yellow beaks
Waddle waddle, penguins!

These adorable penguins are made from empty TP rolls, too! From Cindy deRosier.

21. Toilet Paper Roll Animal Zoo Crafts

Toilet paper roll crafts- red rhino, dog, monkey, lion, cat, bunny, tiger, elephant paper roll crafts
Make a whole zoo using toilet paper rolls!

Make a whole zoo full of toilet paper roll animals like these cool ones from Red Ted Art.

22. Adorable Doodle Owl Toilet Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- with black designs all over it and hearts
How cute is this owl? It kind of gives me zentangle vibes.

This doodle owl is a really adorable craft from Red Ted Art.

23. Eek! Sweet and Spooky Spider Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- black spiders with green and red googly eyes
Eek, spider!

These spiders from Crafty Morning can be really sweet or really spooky – you’re pick!

24. Toilet Paper Roll Snake Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- 6 toilet paper rolls painted green with string and googly eyes to make a snake
What a slithery little snake!

Paint a few TP rolls green, string the together, and you’ve got yourself a snake! From Preschool Crafts for Kids.

25. Peanut Butter and Seed Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts- peanut butter and bird seed on a branch with a bird eating the seed
Use toilet paper rolls to make a DIY bird feeder!

Spread a little peanut butter on a TP roll, cover it with bird seed, and you’ve got a bird feeder! From Juggling With Kids.

More Toilet Paper Roll Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Toilet paper roll crafts- toilet roll ninjas
Use toilet paper rolls to make ninjas!

Did your kids enjoy these fun toilet roll craft ideas? Let us know in the comments down below, we’d love to hear!

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  1. Thank you for sharing amazing creative ideas!! i love the idea of toilet paper roll games & pirate crafts for kids.

  2. Hello! I am a retired art teacher. While I love the creative use of the toilet paper rolls. I caution use of them in a time that cardboard keeps the active Covid virus for a long time, and where toilet paper resides in a room where folk may or may not close the toilet bowl when flushing. If this is the case, the urine or dedicated material particles go into the air and settle onto the walls, floor, towels, etc.
    I suggest using the paper towel rolls instead. They can be cut in half

  3. Thanks for including my penguins! We do a ton of projects using recycled & repurposed materials. I love that you’ve listed so many in one place.