Gotta love road trips where you are stuck in the car for days! Literally! Being cooped up for that long is a great experience in patience, and creativity for the kids and ME! What will we do with all the time we have? Well, give the kids some gel pens and this is exactly what they did. The kids made “Colorful Henna Hands.”
gel henna hands

*Note: we re-created this art activity when we got home. Silly me, I didn’t think about photos on the ride.*

How to Make Colorful Henna Hands

We used neon gel pens. The brand we used was Gel Xtreme Pastel Pens (affiliate), but any light color pen collection will work. Try to make sure you have white, as layering with it helps the colors pop!  The ink is water based so it won’t stain clothes and is non-toxic, so it’s hand-safe. But we advise washing your hands before you eat, and skipping this activity with kids who still put their fingers into their mouths. gel henna hands kids can make Work with dry clean hands and take turns doodling on each other. You can make swirls, dots, flowers. The sky is the limit. If your girls are like mine, this process tickled.   Meaning our car was filled with a solid hour of giggles and laughter as they decorated themselves. gel henna hands kids can make2 Encourage your kids to work together. If you have more than one child, have them take turns coloring on each other and adding to the creation.

More Art Activities

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