Jojo is about to have the gig of her childhood.

The pretty dress, the important role, all of the pictures, and, of course, THE FLOWERS–it just doesn’t get much better than being a flower girl at age three.

Little Flower Girl Video - Kids Activities Blog
A wedding goes like this…

Adorable Flower Girl Video Of Jojo

And with such a vital role in the wedding ceremony, there are just some things she needs to explain to her dad beforehand, so, you know, he doesn’t mess it all up on her big day.

Little girl explains weddings

“And Dad, you do not understand weddings. AT ALL.” Obviously.

Little Girl Who Understands Weddings Video

How cute is she? I could listen to Jojo the flower girl  explain things all day. Best wishes to the happy couple, although they’ll have a run for their money keeping up with  this little showstopper!


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Do you think weddings go that way?


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