This is the best proposal video! Love is a special thing, especially young love which people seem to discredit way too much nowadays. Matty and Jess knew each other since they were ten years old. And he has loved her since 10 years old. Which is why this is the best proposal video! It will melt your heart.

Will she say yes?

They grew up as friends, dated, had their ups and downs, but for Matty there was never a question that Jess was the one for him.

When it came time to propose he wanted it to be something amazing, something perfect for Jess and he enlisted the help of his cousin to pull it off…

The Proposal Video

I think my favorite part of this is that even though she thought they were acting, you can still see times when their love was totally shining through.

And her face at the end…there is no doubt in my mind that this couple is going to have a lifetime of memories and love ahead of them and I truly wish them the best! Good luck, guys!

Thanks for sharing your love with the world.

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Did this marriage proposal video make you smile?

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