It seems like in recent years, moms have gone overboard trying to find new ways to tell their husbands about a pregnancy. We’ve seen dinners, pinatas, cards, sky-writing, buns in ovens…but I don’t think anyone has ever gone as far as this mama! woman surprises deployed soldier with pregnancy video - Kids Activities Blog - baby looking surprised
Now THIS is a surprise!
A week after her husband, Chris, deployed, Natasha Daugherty found out she was pregnant with the couple’s fourth child. Knowing he wouldn’t be home for six months, she decided to keep the pregnancy completely under wraps and surprise him with the news when he returned. With their other kids on board with the plan, Natasha took painstaking measures to make sure Chris never suspected a thing. Even when he finally returned, he had no idea at first, as Natasha used a giant sign to cover her burgeoning baby bump. But when the sign fell? Chris couldn’t believe his eyes. Take a look!

Military Mom Hides Pregnancy as Surprise for Deployed Husband Video

Even though some criticized Natasha for keeping such a big secret, Chris couldn’t have been happier. After four kids, she still finds ways to surprise him.

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