Weddings are stressful for everyone involved. Whether you’re the bride and groom, trying to make sure your big day involves everyone you love, or even the smallest guest trying to be on your best behavior because there are so many adults watching. At my little brother-in-law’s wedding the little flower girl wanted to keep all the flowers to herself and refused to drop them going down the aisle. Everyone laughed, of course, and it definitely became one of those memorable moments we will all talk about for years to come. Even that couldn’t top this little kiddo’s wedding interruption, though. While the bride and groom are ramping up to say their “I Do’s” this little guy interrupts for a very urgent reason. Take a look!

Honestly, of all the reasons he could have interrupted the wedding, this is probably the best and most relatable. Plus, just like at my little brother-in-law’s wedding, this is a moment that will be talked about for years to come. Congratulations to the bride and groom and thanks for sharing your funny wedding moment with the world!

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