When we got married, there was a lot of debate about the wedding cake. What flavors did we want? Did we want different flavors per tier? We even learned that my husband’s favorite option wasn’t a great choice for cakes because it was too soft.

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Had we seen this 20-some years ago, the debate might have ended quickly. Forget the cake-cake, Costco sells a wedding cake made entirely of cheese!

And that’s not cheeseCAKE, it’s actual cheese! Five layers of different cheeses that you can turn into the wedding cake of your dreams. Just add some flowers, some ribbon, and you have an amazing cake made of cheese.

Courtesy of Costco

Each layer is different, starting with an 8 pound base layer and rising up to a 1 pound topper.

In order, the layers include 8 pounds of Red Leicester, 7 pounds of Danish Blue, 5 pounds of Murcia al Vino, 3 pounds of Tuscan Sheep’s Cheese, and a little over a pound of Brillat-Savarin Triple Cream Brie.

For non-cheese aficionados, the Red Leicester is similar to an English Cheddar, Danish Blue is a lighter blue cheese, and the Murcia al Vino is a drunken goat cheese.

Courtesy of Costco

The cake weighs just under 25 pounds and will serve between 100 and 150 guests.

It retails for $439.99 on Costco’s website, which includes shipping. Given the costs of regular wedding cakes, the cheese wedding cake is right in line if cheese is the way to your heart.

Note: Due to the pandemic, Costco may not have this available in all areas.

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