How cute are these snowman crafts? We have so many great snowman craft ideas for kids from paints, melted snowman, paper snowman and more! These crafts are perfect for kids of all ages like: toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids, and even bigger kids in elementary kids. These snowman crafts are perfect whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

Text: 50+ Festive Snowman Crafts and activities- counting paper snowman, popsicle stick snowman, ping pong ball snowman, yarn snowman, playdough snowman crafts- kids activities blog
We have the biggest and best list of snow man crafts for kids!

Snowman Crafts For Kids

Depending on where you live and exactly what type of snow you any get, building a real snowman can be very difficult!  Luckily, you can still have lots of snowman fun with all of these amazing crafts and activities we found. There are also a lot of fun snowman inspired kid snacks!

Festive and Fun Snowman Crafts & Activities

From snowman crafts, to snowman snacks, activities, and printables, we have a big list of fun things your kids will love this winter! This list is both festive and fun! Great for kids of all ages and most of these crafts and activities are budget-friendly.

Snowman Crafts

Snowman crafts- styrofoam snowman, melting snowman, sugar and yarn snowman, pom pom olaf snowman ornament, paper snowman ornaments
These snowman crafts are so adorable!

1. Fun List Of Winter Snowman Crafts

We love celebrating winter with snowman crafts! Aren’t snowmen just so much fun?

2. Styrofoam Cup Snowman Craft

Decorate a plain styrofoam cup to look just like a snowman with some pipe cleaners, pom poms and felt!

3. Sugar Snowman Craft

If you can’t build a snowman from snow, you can make one from sugar! This craft is a lot of fun and is super simple to make.

4. Fun Melting Snowman Craft

Snowman craft- melted snowman craft with snowflakes on pink and blue background- kids activities blog
I love this melted snowman playdough craft!

Make a melting snowman as a fun little gift for someone or as DIY holiday decor. You can add other stuff to your little melting snowman like real buttons. These easy snowman crafts are so much fun.

5. Smiling Snowman Envelope Craft

Create a smiling snowman envelope! These are so fun to send in the mail. This can double as Christmas crafts, because you can mail your Christmas cards in these snowman envelopes.

6. Frozen Olaf Ornament Craft

These are so cute! If your kid is a Frozen fan, help them make this Olaf tree ornament. It is just an easy peasy craft.

7. Cork Snowman Craft

Use wine corks to make some adorable snowman ornaments. What a cute way to make little snowmen.

Snowman crafts- Kid Sized Wooden Snowman Keepsake Craft with hats scarves and painted faces
Make your whole family with this cute snowman keepsake.

8. Kid Sized Wooden Snowman Keepsake Craft

Make your whole family while you’re making these kid-sized wooden snowman keepsakes! They’re so cute and each family member can decorate their own.

9. Salt Dough Snowman Craft

Make your own snowman using salt dough! Grab some straws, sequins, beads, yarn, and pom poms to decorate your salt dough snowmen.

10. Frozen Pom Pom Olaf Ornament Craft

Grab a giant pom pom or make a yarn pom pom to make this super cute and large pom pom Olaf ornament! I love this cute snowman craft.

11. Melting Snowman Slime Craft

Snowman crafts- melting snowman slime recipe with buttons and felt and pom poms- kids activities blog
You can make slime that looks like a melted snowman!

We all know slime is super popular right now, which is why this melting snowman slime craft is perfect! Fun, slimy, messy, doesn’t get much better than that!

12. Snowman Jars Craft

Decorate old jars to look like snowman with paint, ribbon, and markers! You can use these snowman jars to store craft supplies, cooking utensils, and more!

13. Handprint Snowman Ornament Craft

I love these so much! Take sparkly ornaments, your hand, white paint, and a black marker to make these sweetest handprint snowman ornaments!

14. Popsicle Stick Snowman Craft For Kids

Grab some paint, glue, paper, and popsicle sticks for this cute popsicle snowman craft!

Snowman crafts- Adorable Clay Pot Snowman Craft with black and red hat and ribbons with paper faces with pom poms and googly eyes
Mom on Timeout really outdid herself with these adorable clay pot snowmen!

15. Adorable Clay Pot Snowman Craft

Who knew clay pots were so versatile? Use clay pots, paint, paper, googly eyes, socks, ribbon, and pom poms to create the most adorable clay pot snowmen.

16. Fingerprint Snow Globe Craft

Make a happy snowman playing in snow with this super cute, and easy, fingerprint snow globe craft for preschoolers.

17. Snowman Fingerprint Ornament Craft

snowman crafts- fingerprint snowman ornament with paint- kids activities blog
This snowman craft lets you make a keepsake ornament for Christmas.

Grab a clear ornament, white paint, your fingers, markers, and get ready to make a snowman fingerprint ornament that doubles as a keepsake!

18. Paper Plate Snowmen Garland Craft

Paper plate crafts are so great. And this budget-friendly paper plate snowman garland is equally as great! Make different looking snowman to string across your door way!

19. Wood Snowman Ornament Craft

Use popsicle sticks, paint, ribbon, googly eyes, and paper as well as markers to make this super cute wood snowman ornament.

Snowman Snacks

Snowman crafts- Snowman Snacks with pretzels and waffles , smores, and pudding.

20. Delicious Snowman Pancake Recipe

For a fun and festive holiday breakfast try these yummy snowman pancakes that are easy to make.

21. Edible Snowman Cupcake Wrappers Recipe

Did you know you can make edible cupcake wrappers? Here are some snowman wrappers that are super cute and edible!   From Hungry Happenings.

22. Snowman Marshmallow Recipe

Snowman crafts- smore marshmallow and candy with graham crackers- kids activities blog
Yum! This edible snowman craft makes a smore-like treat.

Get kids in the kitchen having fun for the holidays by helping them make snowman marshmallows. This would also be a fun Christmas party activity!

23. Hot Cocoa With Melting Snowman Recipe

Easily turn your everyday hot cocoa into a melting snowman.

24. Snowman Waffle Sandwich Recipe

Another fun Christmas breakfast are these snowman waffle sandwiches. Kids can even help make these themselves!

25. Snowman Pretzel Face Recipe

These snowman pretzel faces just might be my new favorite winter snack. How cute! From Hungry Happenings.

Snowman crafts- Snowman Pudding Cups Recipe with a black foam hat, carrot nose, and red scarf with googly eyes and two peppermint sticks
Make these as a festive snack or for a Christmas party!

26. Snowman Pudding Cups Recipe

Need a quick and easy treat for your kids or for a Christmas party? Then try making these super adorable Snowman pudding cups!

27. Snowman Boiled Egg Recipe

How cute are these snowman boiled eggs? They look just like snowman! Complete with a real carrot nose.

28. Snowman Cookie Pop Recipe

Snowman crafts- snowman cookie recipes on a stick on a red background- kids activities blog
These Snowman cookie pops look delicious and are such a fun edible craft.

Use Oreos, white chocolate chips, and other sweet and salty snacks to make these super cute snowmen cookie pops.

29. Fun Snowman Snack For Kids

Vanilla yogurt can be so boring. So spice it up by decorating it like a snowman using berries, M&M’s and pretzel sticks! This snowman snack is sure to be a fun hit!

30. Easy Snowman Hot Chocolate Recipe

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate?! Make your favorite hot chocolate, add a lot of whipped cream, and then add candy to make your whipped cream look like a snowman! Your kids will have a blast with this easy snowman hot chocolate.

31. Snowman Quesadilla Bento Lunch

Snowman crafts- snowman quesadilla bento with cheese and vegetables- kids activities blog
Make your child’s lunch box festive, with these snowman quesadillas.

Have a festive lunch with winter with snowman quesadillas! They’re so cute and even have a carrot nose and a bowtie!

32. Adorable Snowman Cupcake Recipe

How adorable! I can’t even! Their little chocolate hats, candy eyes, and look! Candy corn noses! These snowman cupcakes really are the cutest.

33. Festive Snowman Babybel Cheese

Make your child’s lunch extra special by making this super cute snowman babybel cheese.

Fun Snowman Activities

Snowman crafts- Snowman activities- snowman ping pong ball launch with a lever, fizzing melting snowman experiment, borax powder snowman experiment, snowman sensory bottles, snowman sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers
From snowman science experiments to snowman sensory activities, we’ve gathered them all!

34. Launching Snowman Ping Pong Activity

Make some snowman ping pong balls and launch them through the air using a lever with this fun winter science experiment. What an easy craft!

35. Snowman Sensory Activity

If you’re looking for more snowman ideas, then look no further. Explore the world around you in a mess free manner with this snowman sensory activity!

36. Fizzy Melting Snowman Activity

Ready for more snowman science? This great fizzy melting snowman activity has your child make clay out of baking soda and when it meets vinegar the snowman actually melts!

37. Melting Snowman Activity

Snowman crafts- playdough snowman craft with glitter in a bowl and towels in the background- kids activities blog
This snowman playdough craft looks like so much fun.

This melting snowman activity is very similar, except you’re not using clay and this one has sparkles!

38. Snowman Sensory Bottle Activity

Use old water bottles, paint, markers, cloth, glitter, and oil to make these super cute snowman sensory bottles. Perfect for calming your little one this winter.

39. Simple Snowman Sensory Bin For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Your child will have a blast exploring their surroundings with this simple snowman sensory bin! All you need is rice, a stuffed snowman, some plastic snowflakes, and snowflake cookie cutters.

40. Borax Crystal Snowman Activity

Crystal making science experiments have always been my favorite. But now you can take that same experiment and use it to make a borax crystal snowman.

41. Snowman Sensory Bin Activity

Snowman crafts- snowman sensory box with fake snow and snowman- kids activities blog
This snowman sensory craft is a great way for kids to explore and learn about the world about them.

Sensory bins are great for toddlers and preschoolers. And this snowman sensory bin is equally great! Paper, trees, hats, golf ball snowmen, there is so much to find in this sensory bin.

42. How To Make A Real Snowman

Never made a real snowman? Well, this is an activity you have to try! Roll up a large snow ball, a medium snowball, and a small snowball. We always used carrots for a nose and charcoal for the mouth and eyes, and sticks for the arms!

43. How To Host A Snowman Playdate

Construction paper, white paint, scissors, glue, and cotton swaps, and maybe a marker or two are really all you need for hosting a snowman playdate! This is perfect on a snowy day when you need some indoor time.

The Most Fun Snowman Printables

Snowman crafts- Snowman printable crafts- paper snowman craft, snowman coloring pages with snow and birds, snowman shape matching, snowman paper placemat, snowman printables with crayons
So many great snowman printables!

44. Free Snowman Printables

Use this free printable to create a personalized snowman craft. Choose your colors and accessories.

45. Free Printable Snowman Coloring Page

How adorable are these free printable snowman coloring pages! Add glitter to the snow! Color the snowman’s hat, gloves, and scarf!

46. Printable Snowman Placemats

Make Christmas dinner extra special with these printable snowman placemats! Color them, add glitter, make the festive!

47. Fun Winter Snowman Printable Pack

snowman crafts- winter activity printables- kids activities blog
These winter printables have all things winter on them including snowmen!

Draw the other half of the snowman and enjoy other winter activities with this snowman printable pack.

48. Cute Snowman Coloring Page Printables

Color the snowmen and their scarves, earmuffs, and hats alongside their bird friends in this cute snowman coloring printable.

49. Snowman Bingo Printables

Bingo! That’s what your kids will be shouting with this winter snowman bingo card. You can even use mini marshmallows as tokens!

50. Snowman Shape Matching Printable Game

Practice fine motor skills, problem solving, and have fun with this snowman shape matching printable game.

More Snowman Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Snowman crafts- 17+ snowman crafts for kids with a snowman with a wood hat and broom and red scarf
We have even more snowmen crafts!

Which snowman crafts did you try?

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