Ahhh this is so cool. My kids are going to LOVE IT!


Target has really stepped up their game this year for all things relating to the holidays and one of my favorite things so far is their LEGO holiday collection.


Target and LEGO have partnered together to bring an exclusive collection including A Giant LEGO Snowman Kit You Can Use To Make Your LEGO Snowman Family!


Now, when I say Giant, I totally mean life size because these are not your ordinary LEGOs.

Like look at the size of a normal LEGO carrot and this Giant LEGO carrot…


This Snowman LEGO Kit comes with 25 pieces to create an entire snow family and even comes with a carrying bag for safe storing when you’re done.


Create fun snow characters with the 25-Piece Snow Character Building Kit from LEGO® Collection x Target. The kit includes unique accessories to decorate snow characters in multiple configurations and designs for hours of fun. Plus, the packaging can be used as a storing and transporting bag.


This Snowman LEGO Kit is only available at Target and it’ll cost you $30 but being able to make an entire Snowman family again and again, makes it priceless.


You can grab the Snowman LEGO Kit here. Make sure to grab it fast before it’s gone!


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