Who doesn’t need adorable Christmas fridge magnets?   We love our snowman magnet frames.   I like to use them on my fridge, file cabinet and anywhere else I can stick them on.  One of the things that I love about this craft is that it uses recycled items from around the house. Next time you are done with a container that has a lid  on it, don’t trash it. After seeing how easy this craft is you will want to hang on to all of your lids.  I am pretty sure I would be embarrassed to show you all my craft recycled items that I have stashed. Seriously, it’s not that bad unless I am working on a specific project like I was this summer that requires for me to collect 50 toilet paper rolls and 15 soda bottles.  I must admit though that I have a hard time throwing out toilet paper rolls, there’s always a craft I can make with them. This fridge magnet would make an adorable stocking stuffer! I am sharing on my website different handmade stocking stuffer ideas, in order, to simplify our Christmas spending this year.  Since these are so easy to make you can quickly whip up this practical little gift to give to grandma with a picture of the little one in it. My husband has a filing cabinet in his classroom that this will picture frame will be going on.

Christmas Craft Supplies:

  • lid from peanut butter, butter, jelly….
  • ribbon
  • picture
  • black, orange felt
  • glue
  • magnet

Making your Magnet

1. Trace the lid around the back side of your picture. Note, if the lid is not the desired color you need it to be you may need to paint it. 2. Cut out picture into a circle. 3. Insert picture in your lid. If you feel like it needs a stronger hold go ahead and glue it. 4. Draw a hat on your black felt and cut it out. 5. Glue hat onto your lid. 6. Place ribbon on the bottom of lid for the scarf. 7. Cut a small triangle from the orange felt for the snowman nose and place on picture. 8. Glue your magnet to the back of lid. .

Crafts for Preschoolers

Here are a couple of our favorites for the Holidays: . Do you have a fun Christmas Craft that you and your children enjoy?   We’d love to hear about it in the comments.  

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