Snowman Pancakes

We made Snowman Pancakes.  Pancakes and winter just seem to go together!  Have you tried our kinda lemon pancake recipe?

Or celebrated If You Give a Pig a Pancake activities recently?

snow man pancake activity for kids

Snowman Pancakes

They were super easy and so much fun!

All you need is prepared pancake mix, chocolate chips, and whipped topping.

snowman pancake ingredients Step 1:

Pour your pancake mix in a small circle and a larger circle.   You can make your snowman with two or three “circles” for body parts.   Make sure to place them close enough together so that they will touch as the batter spreads out.

snowman batter

Step 2:

Flip the pancakes once and cook until done.

Step 3:

Have fun decorating your snowman!   Bacon for a scarf, chocolate chips for face and buttons, and whipped topping for snow.   You could really use lots of different yummy treats to decorate him so have some fun with it!

snowman pancakesBe sure to let your kids have some fun decorating their own snowman pancakes.

My 3 year old loved placing the chocolate chips just right on her pancake…and then eating them right off as soon as she was done.

little girl with chocolate chip pancakes

My son made a one-eyed “Snowclops” on his plate.

snowclops pancakeThis was a fun treat for our family and one that I definitely plan to make again.


  1. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    What a perfect way to welcome winter!

  2. I asked my kids if they would like snowman pancakes for dinner one night.
    “Yes! That is what we’ve ALWAYS wanted. ”
    Apparently, their entire lives they’ve longed for snowman pancakes.
    Who knew?
    Oh, to be a kid again.

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  4. We made these and they are so cute

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