Download our free snowman template to make this fun and easy snowman craft. Using the free snowman printable, it is easy for kids to make their own snowman! This simple snowman craft is great for kids of all ages. Go ahead and print an extra copy for yourself because you know you want to make one too. This printable snowman craft is perfect for at home or in the classroom.

Text: Make your own snowman printable- kids activities blog- snowman with scarf, arms, hat, carrot nose, charcoal buttons against a green plaid background
How cute is this printable snowman craft?

Snowman Paper Craft for Kids

This very simple snowman craft doesn’t need any fancy supplies, use what you already have at home or in the classroom. This works really well as a preschool snowman craft.

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This free printable template makes this snowman activity even easier. It has all the parts of the snowman and these free printables are a great way for kids and little hands to practice fine motor skills. It’s a great activity for the holiday season, snow day, or just as winter activities.

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Supplies Needed for This Printable Snowman Craft

How to Make this Printable Snowman Craft

1. Download & Print Snowman template pdf File Here

The first step is to print out this two page activity in black and white including the snowman template:

Step 2

snowman craft printable template- step 2- coloring the snowman parts like the arms, and carrot nose- kids activities blog
We colored in all the printable snowman parts like the arms and carrot nose.

Once you have your printable snow man templates you can use it as snowman coloring pages. We decided to color the snowman parts first anyway.

Step 3

snowman printable template- cut out around the dotted lines with blue scissors- step 3- kids activities blog
Then cut out the snowman template around the dotted lines.

Then we cut out the adorable snowman templates and the colored parts. This free printable snowman template (grab our pinwheel template here) has dotted lines to cut around makes the snowman outlines extra easy to cut out.

Step 4

He was super cute and we could have stopped there with the free templates, but we thought it would be fun to add some snowman accessories…

Snowman Craft for Kids

1. Make a Snowman Hat

snowman printable craft template- held by child given a hat and white and red scarf- kids activities blog
We gave the snowman a red and white scarf!

First came the black construction paper top hat.  Rhett insisted that we add a “pilgrim buckle” to his top hat, so I cut out a small buckle shaped brown construction paper piece for his hat.

2. Make a Snowman Scarf from Patterned Paper

Then we made scarves from scrapbook paper. I think this would really be a fun project to let the kids go wild with decorations.  Some things we thought might be used to bring our Frosty to life:

  • real fabric scarf
  • real buttons glued on
  • find small black objects for eyes
  • find small orange triangle for nose
  • use real twigs for arms
  • try adding pom poms to your paper snowman for buttons
  • You can use cotton balls glued to your snowman to look like snow
  • grab some orange foam to make a carrot nose
  • find small sticks and use them as snowman sticks for arms
  • Add a little silver glitter to any snow areas for shading

Fun Ways to Use Your Snowman Template Craft

  • Use this winter themed craft as prompts — just give it to all the kids with little instruction and see what creative results happen then decorate the class hallway bulletin board with a snowy snow-people scene!
  • Older kids may want to do multiple versions and make winter art scene.
  • Make two snowmen and then glue them back to back with a ribbon loop at the top and hang on the Christmas tree as ornaments.
  • Use your finished snowmen as gift tags! You can always attach them to cardstock to make them more sturdy.


How did your printable snowman craft turn out?

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