There’s just something magical about a snow day, and we wanted to share our favorite ways to play in the snow. From making a unique snowman to crating rainbow ice marbles, there are so many things you can do in the snow!

Text: 19 Ways to Play in the Snow - Kids Activities Blog- Frozen dyed balls, build a snowman, colorful ice sculptures, water paint snow shapes with cookie cutters, water bottle snow painting.
There are so many ways to play in the snow!

Playing In The Snow

Playing in the snow is one of the most fun things I can remember growing up. Heck, I even have a blast playing in the snow as an adult. That being said, there are so many ways to have fun and play. Build, create, play games… the possibilities are endless when it comes to playing in the snow.

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Ways to Play in the Snow

1. Rainbow Ice balls

Make rainbow ice balls to play with! via Craftulate

2. Decorate A Snow Man

Decorate a snow man with candy pieces for a unique and fun look. via Parents

3. Fresh Snow Ice Cream

Grab some fresh snow and make snow ice cream — it’s a snow day tradition! via Foodie Fun

4. Squirt Bottle Snow Paint

Squirt bottles can be used to paint in the snow. via The Nerd’s Wife

5. Cookie Cutter Snow Shapes

Use cookie cutters to make snow shapes and paint them. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

6. Mr. Potato Head Snowman

Use parts from Mr. Potato Head toys to make a potato head snowman. via Happy Hooligans

7. Snowball Fight

Have a snowball fight without freezing your hands off with a snowball maker.

8. Build A Snow Volcano

Build a snow volcano and watch it erupt! via Growing a Jeweled Rose

9. Freeze Water Balloons With Food Coloring

Freeze water balloons with food coloring to make giant ice marbles. via Queen Vanna

Play Snow activities- Kids Activities Blog- Dyed Ice sculptures, bubble frozen ice sculptures, snow tic tac toe, paint a snowman face with blue and red paint
Play snow tic tac toe! Who will win?

10. Build and Paint A Snowman

Build and paint a snow man. via Easy Peasy and Fun

11. Rainbow Sculptures In The Snow

Use colored ice cubes to make rainbow sculptures in the snow! via Happy Hooligans

12. DIY Snow Shoes

Use cardboard to cut out snow shoes that look like monster feet. via Apartment Therapy

13. Bubble Freeze

Fill a bowl with bubble solution and watch the bubbles freeze. via Fireflies and Mudpies

14. Tic Tac Toe In The Snow

Sticks and pine cones become game pieces when you play tic tac toe in the snow! via Parents

Outdoor Activities in the Snow- Play snow activities- Kids activities blog- Frozen bird feeders, frozen bubbles, snow lanterns, snow candy
Did you know you can make candy with the snow?

15. Winter Bird Feeders

Freeze bird seed and fruit to create winter bird feeders. via Hello Glow

16. Beautiful Frozen Patterns

Blow bubbles in the snow — if it’s cold enough, they’ll freeze with beautiful patterns. via ThoughtCo

17. Ice Snow Catchers

Make ice snow catchers and hang them around your yard! via Hub Pages

18. Make Snow Candy

Make snow candy, just like they did in Little House on the Prairie. via Happily Uprooted

19. Snow Lanterns

Pile snowballs around a tea light for gorgeous snow lanterns. via Little Green Fingers

19 Ways to Play in the Snow- play snow activities- frozen colorful purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red balls, candy decorated snowman, water color painted snow shapes, blue and green bottle snow painting- Kids Activities Blog
There are so many ways to play in the snow!

20. Snow Day Bucket List

Now that you’ve tried these, here are even more snow play ideas! And don’t miss our snow day bucket list.

21. Make Snow Angels

Snow angels are the most classic way to play in the snow. And you can learn how to make the most perfect snow angel! It’s so much fun.

22. Build A Snow Fort

If you have enough snow and time, you can build a snow fort. We used to do this as children and it was so much fun to have our own little igloo. My mom even brought us snacks and hot cocoa so we could play in our snow fort even longer.

23. Sledding…Need I Say More

If you have snow, a hill, and a sled… you can spend hours zooming and zipping about. Guess what? You don’t even need a sled! My sisters and I used cardboard boxes growing up.

24. Sand Toys Make Great Snow Toys

Break out the sand toys! You can mold and shape snow and make snow castles! You could other toys to play in the snow like snow molds, toy excavators, and dump trucks. Build snow sculptures!

25. Snow Ball Fight

Nothing beats a snow ball fight on a snowy day. The whole family can toss snowballs at each other in our own backyard!

More Fun Winter Activities From Kids Activities Blog

Snowy Slime
It’s sparkly, full of snowflakes, and super fun!

What are more ways to play in the snow? What play snow activities do you and your kids do?

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