Today we have printable Christmas placemats! Kids of all ages will love these printable Christmas placemats! Not just because they will be able to not only decorate and color them, but they can make their own snowmen! How cute and fun! You can simply download and print these printable Christmas placemats and use them at home or in the classroom.

Printable Christmas placemat on a table with plate and tinfoil- kids activities blog
Make your own placemat for Christmas dinner!

Free Printable Christmas Placemats

Keep your kids busy with this printable Christmas placemats! They’re fun, cute, and great for both younger kids and older kids. Put together your snowmen on your placemat and decorate it anyway you want! Click the button to download and print our printable Christmas placemats now:

With the whole family together on the holidays things can get hectic and kids can get rambunctious. This is a great way to keep kids busy and settle down a bit before dinner so they aren’t running in and out of the kitchen while mom, dad, and grandparents cook!

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1. Printable Snowman For Christmas Placemat

Printable Christmas Placemat- snowmen parts with snowmen attire- kids activities blog
Color and decorate all of these snowmen and their attire to make your Christmas placemat.

This is the first page in our printable Christmas placemat set! This printable page has all the parts of a snowman and their attire! It has hats, bow ties, scarves, mittens, and ear muffs! Don’t forget to put the stick arms on the snowmen!

2. Printable Snow Background For Christmas Placemat

Printable Christmas placemat- black and white printed pdf file of snowy background- kids activities blog
Glue your snowman onto this snowy background for your Christmas placemat!

This printable Christmas placemat set comes with 2 backgrounds (they are the same). This lovely background has a Christmas tree and snowflakes. You can use glitter glue or small pom poms to decorate the Christmas tree.

Download Your Printable Christmas Placemat PDF File here

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Why We Love These Printable Christmas Placemats

Printable Christmas placemat- snowman placemat on green table with plate on it as well as ham, apples, and stuffing- kids activities blog
Set the dinner table, but don’t forget your printable Christmas placemat!

It’s that time of year when the whole family gets together to celebrate and everyone wants to hang out at the dinner table and chat. And chat. And chat. The problem is, your kids want to do, not talk! And that’s why we love these build your own snowman printable holiday placemats!

These printables are so much fun because the kids can PLAY with them while they are eating. I love things like that– where everyone can play and make their own silly creations. It’s all about the imagination! All you do is print them out, let the kids cut out their snowmen and they can move them all around on the different parts of the winter scene placemat. I can’t believe how quick and easy this makes getting your holiday table set up!

Printable Christmas Placemat-build a snowman printable with black and white pictures of snowman- kids activities blog
Build a snowman on a printable Christmas placemat! Adults and kids can both make a placemat!

I am totally printing out some of these printable placemats for the grown-ups at the table, too.

They are just too cool.

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Printable Christmas Placemat on table with snowflake on plate with ham, stuffing, and apples- kids activities blog
We hope this printable Christmas placemat makes your Christmas dinner more festive!


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How did your printable Christmas placemat turn out?

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