Our kids are so excited about snow and what better way to bring the snow indoors than with a Puffy Snowman Painting.  This painting is so much fun and the best part is that when you are done painting it, and it dries, you still have an awesome project, because  it feels awesome- its so smooth, but fluffy!  It is fun and easy at the same time.

Puffy Paint Snowman

This is a great science and art lesson.  We talked about snow and how to build a snowman, before making this craft.  Our six  year old made this snowman today and he had a blast!   This snowman is 3-D and it stands up from the paper, making it “extra-cool” for your kids!  Plus, it really smooth- you will love the way that it feels and so will your kids.

What you need:

Puffy Snowman Painting
Paper (any color except white) or a folder (I used a folder because  we wanted to display ours on a table).
Eyes (we used “googley eyes”) but even little paper circles would work
Carrot nose
two sticks or twigs
buttons (anything works!)
Kid’s school glue
Shaving cream
Paint brush (we used the foam brush)

What to do:

1. Take your paper or folder and draw the snowman with your pencil.
Puffy Snowman Painting
2- Add Equal parts glue and shaving cream:  Let the kids add all of these things- our son did this one for me and he LOVED it!   Just mix these together in your bowl:
puffy painted snowman

3. Start ‘painting’ your snowman – Leave it puffy!
Puffy Snowman Painting

4- The next steps will be to add the sticks – put it right IN the ‘snow’, and then add the eyes, nose & buttons.  You could even add a hat, scarf, mouth ¦  be as creative as you want to be!    For the nose, I  used a real carrot- I just cut a tiny sliver off of the carrot.  We wanted  smile, but we didn’t want to add anything else, so we just drew on on there with a pencil.
steps for the snowman

5. Let it dry- this takes about ten minutes.  Not long at all!  (Do you see the shadow on the left hand side?   That is because this snowman is 3-D because of the puffy paint!  It is really fun!)  We put ours on a folder because we wanted to be able to easily have it standing-up:   (notice how puffy the snowman is from the side)

Puffy Snowman Painting
That’s all there is to it!   If you liked this idea, check out the Sugar String Snowman– its adorable!

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