Free {Adorable} November Coloring Sheets For Kids

These November coloring sheets for kids are tons of fun and a great way to celebrate autumn. Using fall colors on these November coloring pages can help kids think about colors in relation to each other and the falling leaves outside.

Kids Activities blog is tickled to have teamed up with the geniuses over at Petite Lemon to bring you these adorable coloring sheets.

November coloring sheets with fall fun, foxes, pumpkins, deer, rabbits, and a tree.They are absolutely precious!

November Coloring Sheets

You will get three different coloring sheets with this packet. Each one is super cute and unique.

November Coloring Page

The first of our fall coloring pages is the word “November”.  I am going to be using this one with my 6 year old who is learning to spell {and read} the month names.  It should be easy to remember when broken down into small colorable syllables!

Fall Is Fun

The second fall coloring sheet is the sweetest little fox pulling a load of pumpkins because “fall is fun”.


Our third coloring page for kids is a group of forest friends waving a banner for “play”.

Download and Print These November Coloring Pages

These coloring sheets for kids are fun fall printables.  Feel free to print out enough the share!

November coloring pages would look great in oranges, yellows, red, and browns! Maybe with a touch of gold too.
November coloring pages would look great in oranges, yellows, red, and browns! Maybe with a touch of gold too.

So, grab your favorite fall colors and print off the November coloring pages!

It is going to be a fun week!

Kids Coloring Sheets

Looking for other kids coloring sheets?  Here are some printables and some additional coloring ideas:

These  coloring pages have been created by our friends at Petite Lemon, who specialize in personalized decor and tees for kids. You can view all of their personalized goodness ” canvas growth charts, sibling tshirts, alphabet posters, birthday tshirts and more at


  1. thank you for these! i think my children are going to love them. 🙂

  2. These are absolutely adorable. I just bought a whole mess of Petite Lemon designed cards for the holidays!

    1. Aren’t the Petite Lemon Christmas cards adorable??? I haven’t picked out ours yet this year.

  3. Those are SO cute! My daughter will love them. Thanks!

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